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Chitrali student selected as cultural ambassador to US

CHITRAL, Nov 5: Fazal Akbar, resident of Barumkagh Kosht, Teshil Masutj, Chitral, has been selected as the cultural ambassador of Pakistan to the United States through the Global Undergraduate Exchange programme (Fulbright Scholarship). STUDENT copyMr Akbar is currently doing B.S. (Hons) at the Forman Christian College ( a chartered university) in Lahore. In a statement to ChitralToday, he said his ambitions were to remove the misunderstanding between the peoples of Pakistan and United States and to develop a better relationship between the two countries. “I will work hard and will prove myself the agent and representative of peace and harmony and I will provide a better image of Pakistan in United States,” he added.]]>

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  1. Sabir says

    Yeeh, that is a very good news for all of us (Chitralis). Hats off for my dear friend 🙂

  2. Syed Nasiruddin Peerzada says

    Congrats and Best of luck.

  3. Ilyas Hussain says

    I congratulate Mr. Fazal on behalf of SGRM Pakistan and hope he will bring the knowledge to be learnt in the US back to Pakistan and share it with people here for the development of our country. Wish you best of luck.
    Ilyas Hussain
    CEO SGRM Pakistan

  4. Salman Ajab says

    Well done my dear….Certainly you will help develop a better relationship between Pakistan and the USA.

  5. Ikram Ullah says

    Congrats dear Fazal.

  6. Amir Khan says

    مبارک ہو

  7. Nadir Khan, Karachi says

    Very good. Try to also tell the Americans about Chitrali Khow culture.

  8. Ali Shah, UAE says

    Many many congrats and best of luck.

  9. Ashiq Ali Amir says

    Wel done. Keep it up.

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