Chitral Youth Alliance wins CSWO election

ISLAMABAD, Oct 27: The  Chitral Youth Alliance led by Malik Sardar won the annual election of the Chitral Student Welfare Organization (CSWO) here on Sunday. students copyIn the election held at a hotel in Sitara Market Islamabad, total 398 votes were cast out of which Malik Sardar and his panel bagged 233 votes while 163 votes went to their opponent group led by Mr Basharat Hayat. Malik Sardar, a resident of Brep, was elected as president, Ahmed Jan as chairman and Anwar Ali as the vice president of the student organization. The CSWO is a registered welfare organization of Chitrali students in the twin cities and has been active since 2000. Mr Malik Sardar is the fourth elected president of the organization. The new president, Malik Sardar, in his winning speech vowed to work hard to provide better facilitate to the students of Chitral including upholding the demand of establishment of a fully-fledged university in Chitral. It may be noted that Chitral is one of most literate districts of Pakistan (ranked 11th /145 districts of the country published by AlifAlaan) and yet it is without a university. The provincial government has been asked to take immediate action to resolve the educational needs of the largest district of KPK.  It was also demanded that the educational budget of the province has been increased in the last budget, therefore, the genuine demand of Chitralis must be considered if the government has to accomplish its manifesto and bring out the talent of KP.]]>

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