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A death trap in Reshun

RESHUN, Oct 26: The scenic town of Reshun is the gateway to subdivision Mastuj and the whole traffic to and from upper Chitral passes through this eye-catching land. gol copyBut here is a dry Nullal which is called Domon Gol that only flows in the rainy days. When the Mastuj-bound traffic crosses Reshun, this hazardous nullah faces the commuters just like a death trap with a dangerous curve. It is beyond comprehension why the authorities concerned instead of making a bridge over the nullah have made such a road into the treacherous nullah endangering the lives of the travellers. So far, about nine people have lost their lives in numerous accidents at this point of the Chitral-Mastuj road. Besides, the authorities concerned and notables of our society have not taken the matter seriously which is indeed a disturbing issue. A bridge can be easily constructed over the nullah to ensure safety to the travellers besides facilitating smooth flow of traffic even in rainy days. Now the population of the whole area is increasing day by day and with it the number of vehicles and the volume of traffic on the road. So the chances of accidents and mishaps are also mounting. The people of the area have called upon the C&W department and the public representatives to construct a bridge over the perilous Domon Gol for the safety of the travellers.]]>

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  1. Mir Mohammad Khan says

    I agree with Mr. Ali Sher Khan and appreciate him for highlighting this dangerous point. It is really dangerous when you are going from Reshun toward Mastuj especially at night. The nullah is not visible at night and it directly shows the other side of the road from Reshun side. As a result, drivers cannot see the curve towards the right and drive straight into the gorge. It has already resulted in many accidents. The construction of a bridge over the nullah is the need of the hour. An till then, at least there must be a signboard warning the drivers about the sharp and treacherous turn.

  2. Maria says

    Oh my God, that’s terrible! I’ve been on this road numerous times, from Chitral to Mastuj. It’s very very steep and very dangerous.
    My condolences to those who have lost their lives, this is truly saddening!

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