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Hearing in vote recounting case put off to Nov 6

PESHAWAR, Oct 25: The election tribunal here on Friday put off further hearing in the PK-90 vote recounting case to November 6. Today, when the tribunal took up the matter, the lawyers of MPA Ghulam Muhammad crossed-examined one of the two members of the commission which recounted the rejected and postal ballots in Chitral over three weeks back. The commission after the recounting gave one-vote lead to Sardar Hussain, the runner-up candidate of the PPP. Both the members of the commission were present today but after the cross-examination of one of them, the tribunal put off further proceeding to Nov 6. The commission member denied any irregularity in the recounting. It may be noted that Ghulam Muhammad had filed objections against the commission accusing it of depriving him of his genuine votes in the recounting of postal ballots. The recounting was ordered by the tribunal on the application of Sardar Hussain.]]>

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