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Objection my lord! Tribunal summons commission members

ISLAMABAD, Oct 22: The election tribunal in Peshawar on Tuesday accepted for hearing the written objections submitted by Ghulam Muhammad and summoned the two-member commission on October 25. judgeMPA Ghulam Muhammad, the All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) candidate, accused the commission formed by the election tribunal of siding with the runner-up Sardar Hussain of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) in the recounting of rejected and postal ballots in PK-90 Chitral II. In his 11-page written objection to the tribunal, the MPA took the plea that his genuine votes were thrown into the dustbin by the commission while special blessings were showered on his rival for reasons best known to the duo. The commission in its report submitted to tribunal on October 9 had declared PPP candidates as the winner with a single vote lead. The tribunal will hear the two members of the commission about the objections of the sitting MPA on October 25. The sources said if Musharraf factor did not become the hurdle, the AMPL candidate would smoothly sail through the dangerous storm in which he had been badly stuck up in the aftermath of recounting of rejected and postal ballots.]]>

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  1. Karim Aman says

    Dear admin,
    My name is Karim Aman and I m from Hunza and people are confusing me with another Karim Aman who is commenting on your website. I am not aware of and interested in politics. Just a humble note.

  2. Ghulam Ali, Jeddah says

    Dear brother Rehmatullah: Kudos to you for showing mirror to Abdullah Raes and company. I do not like when people become personal during debate. What you have come out against the so-called religious leaders with solid proof is an eye opener for everyone. These people have long deceived the masses in the name of religion because religion is very sensitive issue and by making the masses emotional on religious propaganda these people gain their political objectives always. One of the proofs of the ignorance of these mullahs is that even in the 21st century they want to mislead the people by playing the religious cards. They should know that in this age of internet and mass education, playing with the sentiments of the masses will not work as the educated people know there is always a line between religion, politics and hypocrisy.
    To Abdullah Raes: I hope you will never utter a word as Mr Rehmattulah has spoken to silence you. However, I would like to present you a Khowar proverb: Krui ligini shha kaphalot baan.

  3. Rehmatullah says

    @Abdullah Raes
    Dear brother, it seems like you are forgetting history. We must not forget that we elected Maulana Sahiban in Dashman Duhu of 2002 with a landslide, they formed strong government in KP and their government was supported by President Musharraf because the MMA had favored Musharaf in legalizing his Legal Frame Work Order and voted in favor of 17th Amendment in constitution. All three representatives from Chitral belonged to JUI and JI.
    1. The MMA regime in KP neglected activities of terrorists influenced by Sufi Muhammad in Swat, as Sufi Muhammad was a former member of JI and close friend of Sirajul Haq. This resulted in militant insurgency in Swat and whole Malakand division. Dozens of Chitrali members of security forces were martyred combating these terrorists in different parts of Malakand Division. Recently, in 2011, they attacked our check posts from Afghanistan and martyred more than hundred Chitralis. The responsibility for strengthening these terrorists lies on MMA rule who despite witnessing their active movements kept long silence.
    2. In local bodies elections of 2006, the then MNA Maulana Abdul Akber Chitrali toured Arkari, Karimabad and Lotkoh, made false promises with the Nazimeen belonging to the Ismaili community and got their support for his candidate Mr. Maggfirat Shah. An agreement was signed copies of which are available in Chitral. Through this agreement Mr.Sultan Shah was made Zila Naib Nazim. Jamat Islami agreed in writing that it will support AKDN and all other NGOs in their developmental activities in Chitral and will facilitate establishment of AKU’s PDC centre in Jughore. These promises were never fulfilled. After winning elections it was JI who opposed establishment of this educational centre and Chitral was deprived of a great education institute.
    3. The government of KPK provided huge funds for irrigation schemes in Chitral through the Dera programme during MMA rule. Originally, pipe irrigation schemes were designed for Shasha-Singoor, Oveer, Lawi and many other valleys in Chitral. Maulana Chitrali politicized these schemes and said that channels should be constructed instead of pipe irrigation schemes. The MMA government accepted Maulana’s demand and billions of rupees were spent on these channels, none of them was completed or constructed. These schemes failed thus a great developmental initiative was destroyed by Maulana sahiban.
    4. The Norwegian government provided billions of rupees for development of Chitral. The then district nazim of Chitral Maghfirat Shah of JI, ensured that strong local organizations i.e. AKRSP, SRSP and IUCN were kept out of the bid and an Islamabad-based company was given the contract. In return, Mr. Maghfirat Shah was rewarded with a hydrel power station, which he is constructing in Jughoore Gol as an enterprise and his private property though its being built with money supposed to serve the masses of Chitral. Isn’t it corruption at large scale?
    5. JI boycotted general elections in 2006, But Mr. Chitrali and Maghfirat Shah instead of following their party policy, openly supported an independent candidate and were seen in his election rallies. Those who claim to be members of disciplined religious parties don’t follow their own party policy how can they bring change in society?
    6. In elections of 2013, Maulana Abdul Akber Chitrali instead of supporting his party candidate Maulana Sher Aziz, supported Mr. Sartaj Ahmad, an independent candidate. Sher Aziz and Abdul Akber were never seen together during the election campaign. Sartaj and Abdul Akber facilitated each other smoothly and secretly.
    7. The MMA government introduced the concept of “Project Leaders” for developmental schemes under MPA funds. Previously, these projects were implemented by TMAs through contractors. The project leaders, favorite men of the ruling MMA, got projects without any hurdle and difficulty started massive corruption at grass roots level. This precedent set by MMA is still being followed in KP as a legacy of the MMA rule and political activists considers MPA funded projects as rewards for their services and pocket money. You can verify it from any source in TMA, contractors or general public.
    8. Billions of rupees were spent and are still being spent on Mulkhow’s Athaht irrigation scheme. This scheme was again politically influenced and Maulana sahiban started it to please general public, despite the fact it was considered a failed scheme by many consultants. Maulana sahiban ensured flow of funds for the project. It’s 2013 now, funds are still being spent on the project but its still not complete. It’s said that the contractor of that project had paid huge bribes to Maulana sahiban so that they support and bring funds for the project. Please take an independent auditor to see that project. Compare amount of money spent and work done on sight. You your self would realize that Maulana sahiban did grave mistakes during their rule.
    Instead of politicizing Islam, dividing people and creating hatred, our religious elders should focus on “Kirdar Sazi”, awareness, peacemaking and spreading tolerance in society. This can be done by making our mosques “Politics Free”. Now as we have dozens of religious parties, the religious elders bring their political differences to mosques. Because of political differences with religious elders or prayer leaders many Muslims have abandoned going to their village mosques. This trend can only be stopped by making Khatibs and Imams non political. If not then political activities of our religious elders will be the reason for taking people away from Islam and mosques.
    Ghulam Muhammad or Sardar Hussain both are better than these blackmailer political Mullahs.

  4. Khan says

    Thanks Mr. Karim Aman for making each and everything crystal clear to the critics. Also thanks to Arif Ali Khan and Salahuddin for making clear with figures that Mr. Ghulam Muhammad has done a lot of corruption. All these comments and figures are self-explanatory and show that Mr. Ghulam Muhammad is a man of very high profile and nobody is there either in opposition or in government to take action against him. If that is the real situation, then only writing against him in Chitral Today will never harm him. He will take this as “YE TO CHALTI HAI TUJAY UNCHA URANAY KE LIE”
    The second most important thing to be mentioned here is that most of our educated youth say that the people are being made fool by the ill-gotten money of Mr. Ghulam Muhammad. These comments raise two main questions. 1: Over 10,000 people in upper Chitral don’t even know that how to use their vote? 2: These critics don’t know that who should be elected as their leader? If the people in upper Chitral are that much innocent and they don’t even know to use their vote, then my sincere request to Mr. Arif, Mr. Salahuddin, Mr. Rabnawaz and all other critics is that, please proceed towards your localities before the elections so that you may try your best to choose an ideal leader for upper Chitral. And if you say that it is not possible to defeat Mr. Ghulam Muhammad and his wealth then please don’t introduce the people of upper Chitral globally that they are fool or they are that much cheap that somebody purchases their votes. Your criticism will be used against your own selves by those people who do not belong to this territory and at that time it will be difficult for you all to bear. So please think a while before giving comments about the people of such a territory where literacy rate is almost over 90 per cent and they are represented as that much cheap globally.

  5. Mohammad Aman says

    It is easy to level allegations against anyone. Most of the time, people accuse someone due to personal grudge. If someone believe your comments, GM has plundered billions of rupees. My question is, is it possible that in the presence of such an independent judiciary one can eat up that much amount and digest it. Secondly, is it possible that such a huge amount can be eaten up in a tiny district such as Chitral. If so, an MPA in a rich district like Peshawar and Lahore will be keeping their money in Swiss banks. So please be Chitrali and think Chitrali.

  6. Abdullah Raes says

    My advice to all of you people from upper Chitral is very simple. Why you people vote these politicians against religious scholars and leaders. If you want corruption free society you should bring religious leaders like Maulana Ghulam Muhammad, Maulana Abdul Akbar, Maulana Sher Aziz and there are too many who want to serve the people. Ghulam Muhammad wanted to join JUI but he was not taken because of his corruption. In religious parties, they work honestly and never do corruption. You have already tested Ghulam Muhammad, Mohiuddin, Sardar Hussain, Saleem Khan and no need to repeat them.

    1. Mohammad Khan, Peshawar says

      Mr Abdullah Raes, it seems you have just completed your Madrassa education and do not know what happened in Chitral for the last about 10 years. I will advise you to go to Chitral where everyone will tell you what the so-called religious leaders did when they were in power in KPK for full five years.

  7. Rabnawaz Khan says

    Mr spokesperson (Karim Aman) of so-called provincial representative, Ghulam Mohammed: What is your opinion about a recent statement of a well-know educationist of Chitral regarding the hard working member of assembly? For your ready reference here are the remarks of the professor: “The selfsame MPA is the son of a Pharoah and he regards the voters as his tenants and with his ‘ill gotton gear’ he engineered to win the election. The local public once repaired a certain section of the damaged Chitral-Mastuj road but he never budged. If the repair work of this road is not started immediately, the public will take to the streets and a good show will be staged.” Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig

    1. Karim Aman says

      Rab Nawaz Khan: The job of an educationist is not politics. Mr Rehmat Karim Baig, whose life-long experience is limited to teaching, must concentrate on classroom politics instead of dubbing people as Pharaoh. After their retirement, majority of these professors and educationists often get bored by sitting idle and resort to blackmailing politicians when they are refused funding for their private educational institutions. Mr Baig might not be doing any such business but majority of his colleagues could be seen taking pride on their private businesses under the pretexts of opening schools and colleges. These retired educationists could also be seen making cordial relations with district administration and NGO elites in order to enjoy recreational trips to Islamabad, Skardu and other parts of the country. And yes if you are interested in acting as a spokesman, we will definitely recommend you for Sardar Hussain.

  8. Salahuddin Raza says

    My name is Salahuddin Raza. I am living in Malaysia. I want to clarify that I didn’t leave any comment in this debate. I don’t know this person he mentioned his name as Salahuddin and has left the comment against
    Gulam Muhammad.
    Thank you
    Salahuddin Raza

  9. Salahuddin says

    Mr. Wali. Man I am impressed by your orders. I even don’t dare to think about saying something about Chitral politics in future. You and your corrupt leaders have all the authority to say or do something as money speaks and illegal or corrupt money speaks even louder in our system. You have no right to be the judge and point names if you know nothing. By the way, I even damn care whoever you are.

  10. Wali says

    I totally agree with Karim Aman sab and Nusrat Ali Shah. The people who are criticizing GM are actually jealous of him because its is the law of nature that the people who don’t achieve any thing in life start criticizing others who are successful.

  11. Karim Aman says

    Hello my dear Mr Germany,
    You need arguments to win the show and the mere emotions will take you nowhere. I really take pity the way you have tried to express your feelings in complete ignorance. You have all the rights to take pride on making it to Germany but your attitude shows that you have learnt nothing during your stay there. As far your claim that being a businessman GM does not qualify to become a politician, you should know that the prime minister Nawaz Sharif including scores of other politicians are business tycoons.
    The thing which should be also need some clarification is that if you are so proud to be in Germany, I am not because I am a proud Pakistani. If people like you would start representing Chitral, I am sorry to say Chitral has no future. So dear, do not try to impose your junoon for dollars and euros on other Chitralis as money is not everything. I am a proud Pakistani and not interested to go to any other country. Anyhow, do give me your contact number as I am coming to Germany next month on an official trip. I would love to have a cup of tea with my Chitral born German friend. Take care buddy.

  12. Nusrat Ali Shah says

    Thanks Karim Aman sb for writing a true and natural story about Haji Ghulam Muhammad. I agree with you. But I request Mr Gul Aman sb to please first write some lines about Saleem Khan MPA and his properties in Islamabad, Peshawer, Chitral and other cities. Mr Gul Aman, would you like to tell me what are the main sources of income of Mr Saleem Khan MPA? Everybody knows Haji Ghulam Muhammad’s background and his wealth before and now. Thanks Karim Aman once again.

  13. Saif Uddin, Germany says

    Hello Mr so called Karim Aman,
    Mind your own language. You are talking about politicians but why would you start talking about people’s personal life. Grow up!!!!!! Politicians are there to be questioned and as a Chitrali everybody can raise a question against them.
    Secondly, who are you to act on behalf of Mr Ghulam Muhammad??? And also, tell me WHO IS HE TO YOU.
    I feel sorry for you because you are still in the dark ages, think about it. Do you think a leader who is a businessman can have time for the people?? Would somebody serve people leaving his business aside, certainly not.
    You say we are taking refugee overseas, what the hell you are taking about???? If it is that easy to go abroad why won’t you give it a try!!
    A reader from Germany

  14. Karim Aman says

    Those who are busy in making false allegations against MPA Ghulam Muhammad have been beating their chests for the several years out of sheer frustration. During this long period of 30 years, some of his critics took refuge in Canada by borrowing money from this very Ghulam Muhammad. And now after making some dollars, they have forgotten everything which is quite shameful as well as extreme level of moral corruption. Gul Aman’s own father used to fight for Prince Mohiuddin and now he is up in arms against that very prince and GM. My message to him is that ‘peesh peesh tu di hash tan phone kicha ki ta tat oshoi’. For rest of the PPP jiyalas, we are going to organize a grand ‘dhola ishtok’ in Booni to celebrate the victory of GM against Shah, so we cordially invite all the jiyalas to grace the occasion. GM is going to expose the tiny pressure group once and for all. MPA for the second consecutive term Insha Allah and till then keep protesting in frustration like you have been for the last so many yeas as jealousy has no cure.

  15. Salahuddin says

    Arif Ali Khan: You have mentioned only few departments where Haji & Co looted resources of the nation. The list doesn’t stop there. I think you forgot about corruption in the wheat supply contracts, diesal and petrol supply, timber smuggling and so on. Every single Chitrali knows that how these thekadars made fortunes and we also know about their past and present so friends for the sake of poor Chitrali people please do not try to justify their corruption. PTI leaders in Chitral should put pressure on their government to immediately start an accountability process and recover the looted money from these gangs otherwise the movement started by Mr. Faraz at Booni will not stop there and all Chitrali people will stand up against corruption.
    Mr. Karim Aman, you have no right to insult our brothers and sisters who have migrated to other countries and are living their life with honesty and dignity and are also helping their people with their capacities. At least they are not looting their own people like you and your godfather. What are you doing here, justifying corruption and encouraging them to do more corruption. Big shame on all those who are supporting corruption.
    If educated people like you think like this, I can have only pity on our nation. Don’t get me wrong I have no political affiliation with any of them, the only thing I care about is the suffering of our people.
    Salahuddin Chitral

    1. Wali says

      Mr. Salahuddin mind your language…as far as I know you live in Malaysia so naturally you do not have the right to comment about the political scenario back in Chitral.

  16. Arif Ali Khan says

    Fida Khan Bhai, jin cases ka me ne ziger kia in me government of Pakistan Haji sahib k khilaf modai hai. jahan tak haji k khilaf ilzamat ki baat hai to sono; 2008 k election k dowran mestooj godam se 13900000 rope ka gandom ghaib hoa, hokomat ne gandom ka tekadar Mpa Haji Ghulam Muhammad sahib k sath mok moka karke ak gharib godam clerk Behram ko jail me band kar dia hai jin k kul asason ki maliat 39 lak b nehi hai. Torkhow road me Haji sahib ke right hand ne 3600000 rupee harap kar lia, Mastuj road me Haji sahib ke left hand Dawod tikadar ne 60000000 rupees apne jeep me daal k bete hen, case ko anti-corruption department deal kar raha hai, 5 saal k dowran Booni me jari water chenalisation aor pipeline mansobon me karoron k corruption ka inkishaf hoa hai. Ab b jo Haji ki himayat karta hai woh Chitrali Qowm ka doshman hai.

  17. Fida Khan Booni says

    Me too admit that solid reference which is appreciated by Gul Jee but my sincere advise to Mr. Arif is that just giving comment is not enough against a person (you say the most corrupt). There are a lot of gates open for you and a number of people to support you,, so why don’t you take a simple step to stand against him in the court rather to blame behind the curtail. If you did it then everybody will admire you and your efforts including us, and if you don’t posses that much courage and capicity to prove anything against him then don’t waste your time in just writing such things for the sake of people like Gul Jee.

  18. Gul Jee says

    Mr. Karim Aman, first of all thank you for taking a shameful shelter under a tree that has no roots at all. The masses of Chitral better understand about their leader, his leadership and services rendered for the Chitralian for the past 6 years. Here a big thank you for Mr Arif A Khan making easy for everyone with all solid references regarding our innocent leader, so there is no room for further elucidation. Mr. Khan’s statement is an eye opener for our leader he should come forward and speak about these facts and figures.

  19. Arif Ali Khan says

    Karim Aman sahib lagta hai tum gholam mohammad ko jante nehi ya tum rela walon me shamil ho,1982 me green godam booni se 24 lak ka khad chori kar k haji sahib ne corruption ka agaz kia jo k aj tak jari o sari hai,2008 me 35 track load gandom Afghanistan smagel karte hoe pagra gia aor mok moka ho gia.apne leader k bare me mazid kuch janna chahte ho to 1982 se apne nike ka bio deta,booni ja kar, Baramosh hokomat,gulshahi,chacha,nowrooz aor dosre logon se pocho jo haji sahib k porane sathi hen.

  20. Fida Khan Booni says

    My humble request to Mr Gul Jee is that please think a while before giving such an irresponsible comment against an MPA who has been elected by the people of Tehsil Mastuj twice. The only best thing which the people have noticed about Mr. Ghulam Muhammad in his five years tenure is that he has always kept on giving and giving. No one can prove that he has used any of the govt fund for his own betterment. He has collected a huge wealth since past and even the people blame him that he purchased votes, but Mr. Gul Jee is the first person who came forward with the opinion that what was the position of Mr. Ghulam Muhammad before six years.

    1. Kashi says

      I totally agree with Karim sb and Fida sb. Mr Gul Jee should think before writing something. If you don’t know about Ghulam Muhammad then ask somebody around you…its easy to point fingers at someone but practically it’s very difficult to prove it. Ghulam Muhammad was a rich businessman before he joined politics. He was the only guy in upper Chitral who owned a jeep as far back as in 1967. At that time, may be there were only five jeeps in the whole district. So I think the point now is clear for Mr Gul Jee.

  21. Karim Aman says

    Slow down Mr Gul Aman. You might have forgotten that all the properties GM had made either in Islamabad, Peshwar or in Chitral were before he joined the politics. I must not blame for your misunderstanding as you have been living in Canada for the last so many years. Before accusing GM you must not forget to think even once that what have you done in your personal capacity for the area. People like you took refuge in Canada for the sake of few dollars. That’s all about you. If you are so keen about development of Chitral, you must give up your citizenship and come come back to Pakistan to take part in active politics. I am sure even then you will not be able to win a union council seat. GM has done a lot for the area during his five years stint as member provincial assembly. What is the contribution of Sardar Hussain. Of course, nothing except making emotional speeches in order to befool innocent people.

  22. Gul Jee says

    Enough is enough now it is time for Mr. Ghulam Muhammad of Booni to go. We request the provincial government to order an investigation against the incumbent MPA for misusing the public money and properties. It is believed that Mr. Muhammed made huge illegal properties from public money in different cities of Pakistan within the past six years. What was his position before six years and where he stands now, the people of Chitral want to know.

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