Kalash festivities over two elders' death conclude

CHITRAL, Oct 22: The three days of festivities triggered after the death of two Kalash elders concluded in Bumburate valley after their coffins were placed at the madokzhal (Kalash graveyard) before sunset on Tuesday. Talking to this correspondent on telephone from Aneezh village, Gamburi Shaw Kalash said that the dead, Bartabak and Mahaden, both aged 85, were first cousins and their intimacy was well-known in the Kalash valleys. Mr Gamburi said that due to their socially high status, the festivities continued for three days costing Rs1.24 million. “To feed the guests thronging the village from all the three Kalash valleys of Bumburate, Birir and Rumbur, 66 goats and nine bulls were slaughtered and breads using 320 kilograms of wheat flour were backed,” he said. “Fifteen cans of desi ghee (each containing 16kg), 25kgs of honey and 150kgs of cheese were consumed during the three days.” Mr Gamburi said: “Dancing Kalash kept extolling the two and recounted their achievements in their lives a per Kalash tradition while the Betan (Kalash spiritual leader) Qadirik commended the two in highly esteemed words.He said that the pomp and show of a Kalash family was determined by the volume of expense it made during the three days of festivities on the occasion of the death of any of its members. “Ancient Kalash people do not mourn deaths of their dear ones and instead make merriments by dancing and singing around the dead body which is placed in the village’s community hall,” he said.–Zahiruddin]]>

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