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PK-90 electoral battle a good pastime for Chitralis

ISLAMABAD, Oct 19: Though the election tribunal is to take up the PK-90 election dispute on October 22 in Peshawar, there seems no end to the saga.

This long-drawn battle between the sitting MPA Ghulam Muhammad and his runner-up Sardar Hussain of the PPP has badly affected the chances of development in the backwards constituency. But the lighter side of the story is that, the tug of war and the suspense have become a popular pastime for the people of not only upper Chitral but the whole valley.

The commission sent to Chitral by the tribunal after recounting the rejected and postal ballots gave one-vote victory to the PPP but the APML legislator is sharpening his knives even against the commission members accusing them of siding with his rival. After hearing about the one-vote lead even though prior to any decision by the election tribunal, the supporters of the PPP candidate could not resist taking out a rally and opening firing in jubilation in Parwak and other villages of upper Chitral. 

ChitralToday spoke to a number of people from a cross-section of society to know what they thought about the two candidates and the end result of the legal battle. Syed Wali Shah, a resident of Khuz village, said Sardar Hussain is a true leader who needs no further clarification in winning the PK-90 provincial assembly seat after his one-vote lead in the recounting of rejected and postal ballots. Ghulam Hussain, of Kishmaja in Sonoghur, however, said the winner would be Ghulam Muhammad as he spearheaded lots of development work in subdivision Mastuj. When asked why he was so keen about Ghulam Muhammad’s success, he said a leader should be economically sound enough so that he could deliver without amassing ill-wealth, adding GM had entered the race with the sole objective of serving the masses.

Zuhuruddin, a banker from Torkhow tehsil, said that the victory of Ghulam Mohammad would expose those trying to manipulate the mandate of people by making it controversial out of sheer frustration. Usman Khan, a resident of Dizg village who claimed to be a diehard supporter of Gen Musharraf, said: “Democrat, dictator, general or whatever my vote will always be for Musharraf. I’m just waiting to see the day when the eagle (the election symbol of APML) will fly above the valley, winning everyone’s heart”.

A Khowar singer, Usman prayed for the former military general’s success and added: “Tundi-e-baad-e-mukhalif sei na ghabra ei uqaab, Yeh tao chalti hei tujei uncha uranei k liyei”. Javed Akbar Khan of Lon village was all praise for Sardar Hussain, saying such a talented man who has all the qualities of a potential leader should be given a chance to represent Chitralis, adding a man of Sardar Hussain caliber will bring nothing else but glory to Chitral.

“I would love to see him delivering a hard-hitting speech with mixed English, Urdu, Pashto and my sweet Khowar in front of these Pasthtoons who have been dominating the province, depriving us of our share due to ineffective leadership”, he added. Some people who wished not be named declared it a battle between two tribes terming it a blow to the development of the area due to power lust of both the candidates.]]>

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  1. Shah Yazdan says

    Here I do agree with Rahim and Ali Shah that Mr. Sardar Hussain has got votes under the platform of PPP not from Syeds.

  2. Aftab Ali Begal says

    I agree with Mr Afrasiyab that in the last elections poor Chitralis were exploited with the slogan of Bhuttoism and with the use of Musharaff’s name. We all know very well the past five-year performance of PPP and all these candidates. Now all the three members parliaments are sitting idle on opposition benches and very truly there is nothing much happening in terms of development in Chitral. We all know that both the candidates went too extreme in using the ethnic card and dividing the people of upper chitral on the basis of sect. We all know the sermons in Jamat Khanas and sermons to Zondras and the use of money. This all has set a very bad precedent for the future of Chitral..

    1. Javed Karim, Chitral says

      Mr Aftab: The solution to the issue is awareness. Create awareness among your people so that when a mulla or a mukhi tries to mislead them they can response back and say “Hey Mr mulla or Mr Mukhi, this is none of your business you just say the prayers and go away.” I do not believe any Ismaili cast vote for Sardar Hussain only because of his being an Ismaili. I know voting in the name of religious affiliation is common in lower and some parts of upper Chitral but that is not so common among the Ismailis.

  3. Rahim Uddin says

    Yes I do agree with ALi Shah that besides some of his family members, more of the Sadaat tribe were against Sardar Hussain. A simple example of this is that I have seen Pir of Sarghoz and his whole family campaigning against Sardar Hussain [both belong to the same branch of the Syed tribe].
    Similarly, Syed Arshad Hussain Shah of Kargin also contested elections for the same seat.
    @Riaz Uddin, I haven’t seen Mr. Shah using the cards of tribal affiliation if so then the two candidates Syed Sardar Hussain Shah and Syed Arshad Hussain Shah should have withdrawn in favor of Sardar Hussain. Had Sardar Hussain used the cards of sect and ethnicity, he would have got more votes from Yarkhun and Laspur valleys. In my opinion, Sardar Hussain got votes under the banner of the PPP, and some people cast their votes in his favur because of his leadership capabilities.
    thank you.
    Rahim Uddin

  4. Riaz Udin, Chitral says

    Dear all concerned, I always admire Sardar Hussain for his modest background and hard work due to which he has reached this position. It is perhaps first of its kind that he had fought in such a brave way not only during the elections but also after that. But I am disappointed that despite being so efficient and able politician Sardar Hussain most of the time has worked to divide his area people on the basis of sect, ethnicity and regionalism. He must come out of the shells and become a national leader. Remember Shahzada Mohiuddin and Ghulam Muhammad never used the cards of their tribes.

  5. Sabir says

    Really these two persons should to go away from the political field in the best interest of awaam. Due to their battle the poor awaam of the region is suffering. These two men are prefering their own interests upon the poor awaam which is totally disgusting.

  6. Afrasiyab Khan says

    Both Haji and Shahji have to go. This has become a battle between Syeds and Zondras and is badly affecting the development of the area. People of Chitral are fed up with these two politicians. Both these gentlemen should be thankful to the legacy of Bhutto and then Musharraf otherwise they are not even fit for contesting elections.
    We cannot afford this tussle. All the three members of the national and provincial assemblies from Chitral are in the opposition and development has come to a halt in the area.

    1. Ali Shah Chitral says

      @Afrasiyab! This is for your kind information that Sardar Hussain contested elections 2013 under the PPP platform and was not the candidate of the Syed family, nor you can claim that each and every individual belonging to the Syed tribe cast their vote in favour of Sardar Hussain.
      Syed Sardar Hussain Shah from Green Lasht also contested the elections as an independent candidate for the same seat.
      Besides, I can count many Syeds who cast their votes against Sardar Hussain of the PPP and enthusiastically participated in the election campaign against him.
      Let me give here some names. Saeedullah Jan, Abul Hakam Han and their family from Kuragh, Syed Jawad Hassan Shah and their whole family from Charun, Syed Badshah, Syedul Karim Shah of Junali Koch, Shahzada Ahmad and their family from Sonoghur, Sahib Din etc and their family from Parwak, Subadar Major and family Ghoru, Bulbul Ali Shah Mastuj, Sahib Aala and family from Mastuj, Molai Din, Qamaruddin and family Chuinj, Ghulamuddin Bang, Mehboob Ali Shah Torkhow, Imran and family Torkhow. These are a few names and families from the Syed tribe who were against Sardar Hussain of the PPP. Then how can you claim that this is the battle between Syeds and Zondrays? Same is the case with Ghulam Muhammad but up to some extend more Zondreys supported GM. Secondly and most important both the candidate contested elections from different platform and they reserve the right to go for the appeal against any kind of corruption if they found. So please look into the whole scenario if someone favour a party he reserve right to campaign in favor of the candidate. This is not the battle between two families, it’s a battle between two parties. So please be careful while commenting, thank you.
      Ali Shah Chitral

  7. Syed Nasiruddin Peerzada says

    Haji Sahib will join the Jamiat Ulama e Islam F Soon.

  8. Irshad Hussain Hussaini (Parwak) says

    Leadership characteristics
    Proactive vs. Reactive
    A Good Communicator
    Well Educated
    If u know these skills then talk about a leader. There is great saying: “Don’t find fault, find a remedy.”
    Sardar Hussain, we love you and we support you.

  9. Mohammad Ali says

    Votan ginti dobara hoi,
    Haji sahib khasara hoi.
    Phati doren talala hoi,
    Phatin ghechar tarara hoi.
    Lasprik khoshan PASKO an som,
    Yarkhonikan te rela hoi.

  10. Mohammad Ali says

    Ye bazi khoon ki bazi hai
    Ye bazi tum hi haro ge
    Gharib ka beta jeete ga
    Tum kitne vote kharido ge
    Gea Shaji,Gea Bhutto.

  11. Arif Ali Khan says

    Chitral Ka Bhoto Zinda Hai,
    Na Bikne Wala Zinda Hai,
    Na Jukne Wala Zinda Hai.
    ‘Geo Sardar Hussain’.

    1. Shakir Ali, Khora Gol (Sonoghur) says

      Dil Khush kernei k liyei Ghalib yeh khiyal achcha hei. If Sardar Hussain is the Bhutto of Chitral, I hate the real Bhuttos. My humble request to these people who are out to spread propaganda must not insult the real Bhuttos. Calling Sardar Hussain a Bhutto is an insult to late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and his great daughter Benazir Bhutto.

      1. Syed Latif Shah says

        ay jan ispa maqsad Dhandlio sora nazik hasay commision hay luo safa prai ki Chitrala hamni Dhandli Ma kiya Soucha tan No Oshoi Ratai iqtidar Tan Kiya Ishnari No Ispa Moishra hanun Dawra D kiya Zeydti bonyan Ho Explore Koraik Zaruri Oshoi.

      2. Ghafoor says

        Dear Shakir Ali, I have been through the comments and request you to please think before writing something. You don’t know the real story of the PPP. This is the only party which takes decisions for the betterment of Chitral and till now a lot of projects have been completed under the PPP umbrella. This is also the only party who assists people, I mean poor people. If you do not believe me, ask your father how he got help from the PPP after being refused by Ghulam Muhammad.

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