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TV reports about Chitralis' killing not correct

ISLAMABAD, Oct 14: On Monday evening, some TV channels ran the news that six bodies of a family found dumped on the suburbs of Islamabad were from Chitral. tvHowever, ChitralToday correspondent immediately visited Pims hospital where the bodies had been brought and found out that the victims were not Chitralis. Police said as there were no identity documents on the bodies, their appearances looked like that of the people of Chitral or Gilgit-Baltistan and the rumour spread. The TV channels without confirmation ran the news that created panic among the people of Chitral. The police said the deceased were relatives of PPP Senator Farhatullah Babar. The bodies of Amirullah Khan, a native of village Pirpiyai in Nowshera district, his three children Romana Khan, Hayderullah Khan and Admaullah Khan were found at Sihala and the bodies of his wife Nazia Amir and servant were found near Police Foundation, Loi Bher. According to ChitralToday sources, Amirullah Khan had a land dispute in Peshawar with two persons, including his brother who lives in a Gulf country. The police suspected that his brother and the other person, who is a land developer tycoon in Islamabad, were behind the killing of the family. Senator Babar, when contacted, confirmed that the victims were related to him and belonged to his native village near Nowshera.]]>

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