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Shubinak comes to Islamabad

ISLAMABAD, Oct 13: Built from scratch just recently, the capital’s art scene is thought to be duller than that of the other cities of Pakistan. Shubinak is here to change the narrative though. shubinakHouses hand-embroidered clothing and home accessories including kurtas, bags, cushions and sofa throwbacks with traditional Kalash embroidery, the one-of-its-kind boutique showcases craftsmanship of regional artisans from the culturally-rich region of Chitral. The work Shubinak means spider in Chitrali Khowar language, brand owner Moeez Farooq explained, adding, “A spider is a complete textile mill in itself. It weaves a web which is then converted into a yarn to serve various purposes,” he said. He further explained that the brand was aimed at social awareness, activism, sustainability and environmental preservation. The shirts and scarves bearing hand-printed slogans like “Chaar laga te ek gira,” encourages reforestation while the “Jhanda Basta” product line stands for pride, unity and faith in the country. The value of the colour green is apparent in all our merchandise, said Farooq, an avid follower of Allama Iqbal’s philosophy. Pointing to three organic cotton scarves, he said the green stood for forests, the brown for earth and the blue for aquatic life. “There are only 2.2 per cent forests in the country compared to the required is 30 per cent, so we are working towards reforestation through the brand,” he added. The brand is a work of art created through an interesting use of antique elements re-purposed to function as contemporary pieces. The shop’s proud display of doors, posts, pipes, railings, and all sorts of odds and ends that have been rejuvenated shows that the brand is not only about reducing, reusing and recycling, but also about renewing, restoring and revitalising. “The launch of ethnic elements fused in a contemporary fanfare red carpet was a brilliant idea. The collection is mildly new-age rugged and affordable. However, the impressive decor, along with the items on sale, are overwhelming,” said Faizah Ahab, an architect and guest. The brand, which has flagship stores in Lahore, Chitral and Canada, is creating the T-shirt and scarf art in consultation with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, and through an unconditional agreement, Rs300 per sale of a hand-woven scarf will go to the hospital for the treatment of poor patients.–Express Tribune]]>

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