PPP candidate's one-vote lead confirmed

ISLAMABAD, Oct 9: The two-men commission formed to recount the rejected votes and postal ballots in PK-90 Chitral II on Wednesday presented its report to the election tribunal of Peshawar High Court (PHC) and, as reported by ChitralToday on October 2, showed a single vote lead by the PPP candidate Sardar Hussain against his rival Ghulam Muhammad of the APML. However, the fate of the PPP candidate still hangs in the balance as the tribunal has summoned both the candidates on October 22, where the counsel of both the candidates would make arguments in favour of their clients. On October 2, ChitralToday had reported: “Now at the end of the recounting, the status of the two candidates is: Ghulam Muhammad 10,848 votes (on May 11) plus 25 votes minus 13 votes = 10,860. Sardar Hussain 10,841 (May 11) + 25 – 5 = 10,861 votes. So, theoretically, Sardar Hussain has got one-vote lead against his rival and under the law can be considered as the winner but it will be up to the tribunal whether to declare him the winner or announce re-elections.” Read detail here: https://www.chitraltoday.net/2013/10/02/recounting-ends-more-deadlock-reported/ The sources said the the tribunal would give its final verdict after thoroughly examining the case on the basis of arguments and the objections raised by the respondent. Ghulam Muhammad of All Pakistan Muslim League (AMPL), who is a respondent in the case, lost 13 votes due to the prefix of ‘Haji’ with his name, which experts believe was not a concrete reason to reject the votes.  Sources privy to the development who wished not to be named said that Ghulam Muhammad had already objected to the decision of the commission with observatory note that his genuine votes could not be thrown into the dustbin just for having ‘haji’ with his name. Skating on thin ice. Meanwhile, the sources in complete knowledge of the case said that any decision against Ghulam Muhammad would not benefit Sardar Hussain as he would certainly approach the apex court seeking justice. https://www.chitraltoday.net/2013/10/02/pk-90-expert-sees-status-quo-to-remain/ “Just imagine Ghulam Muhammad had won the race with seven votes and now Sardar Hussain who, after several months’ hectic efforts for recounting, hardly managed to get a single vote,” he added. As reported by ChitralToday, there seems a long-drawn battle ahead between the tow candidates. Under the law, if there is a deadlock in the shape of a court battle, the benefit will go to the sitting MPA, in this case Ghulam Muhammad. But the end result of it will be that people of the constituency will remain deprived of any development work through their elected representative.]]>

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  1. It is so depressing to note that Ghulam Muhammad has been deprived of his genuine votes. I would like to suggest GM to drag the issue as much as he can as recounting does not mean you would deprive the candidate of his rights. Sardar Hussain’s one vote stands nowhere, which fell in his lap luckily.

  2. Dear regular reader of ChitralToday,
    You are not the first one who took exception to some of the stories published in ChitralToday. We were the only journalists to break the result of the recounting of rejected votes with the exact number of votes to each of the two candidates with the help of our sources in Chitral. ChitralToday has the credit to give the breaking news to its readers with complete accuracy instantly. Besides, we were the only news website to run a story after talking to one of the top analysts of the country [Kanwar Muhammad Dilshad] about the possible scenario after the recounting. As far as Sardar Hussain, on every occasion we filed a story after talking to Ghulam Muhammad we also tried to contact him (Sardar Hussain) more than three times but he always shied of talking to us. Secondly, when we reported the actual number of votes during the recounting through our sources there were many people who called us and said you are spreading rumours about the outcome of the recounting before the official announcement about the result. But when the commission submitted its report to the tribunal on Oct 9, there was not a difference of even a single vote what we had reported on Oct 2. So if we said that Sardar Hussain got just one vote lead and in that case GM has the right of appeal and cannot be unseated, we never meant that we supported GM or were against Sardar Hussain. We were talking about the law and the possible outcome. The result of the recounting as reported by ChitralToday stood 100 per cent correct, and now it seems that the outcome of the matter after the tribunal proceeding will also be the same. So if all this goes against your interest, do not blame us for biasedness and instead appreciate us for our investigative reporting. We respect your right to differ, though.
    Zulfiqar Ahmad

  3. I am one of the frequent readers of Chitral Today. To me it is the most reliable source of the latest news in Pakistan. BUT these days I went through two reports of the writer Zulfiqar about the recounting of the votes in PK 90. With great regret, I found both the reports full of prejudices and biasness. It sounds that the writer is against one of the candidates ‘Sardar Hussain’. My request to the Chief Editor of Chitral Today to not publish such partial reporting otherwise it would limit the authenticity of CT.
    A Regular Reader of CT.

  4. محمد خان سے اتفاق کرتا ہوں ۔۔۔۔۔ لیکن ایک سوال ؟ کہ دوران گنتی جن لوگوں نے غلطی کا ارتکاب کی اور جن کی وجہ سےعوام اور حکومت کو اتنی دقت کا سامنا کرنا پڑا ۔۔۔۔ زمہ دار کون ہے

  5. There should be an end to this bloody useless war for power, so that the people of upper Chitral can come out of the suspense and get their petty works done by their MPA whoever he may be. My humble request to Ghulam Mohammad is, you remained MPA for whole five years and now you have no moral ground to continue as you have lost the mandate whether it is one vote or two. If you continue clinging to the seat under the cover of a stay order from a court, morally you will be a loser. It is now better for you to step aside with dignity and come back after five years. Believe me, this will be far good for you and you will earn more respect among the electorates. On the other hand, your rival Sardar Hussain will be a failure as he will not be able to carry out any of his promises and claims and will further polarize the situation. At this moment of time, my advice will seem awkward to you and many others, but time will be a witness if you continue with the current dog in the manger policy it will be detrimental to your future as well as to the welfare of the area.
    Mohammad Khan,

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