Chitrali youth beaten by employers, in critical condition

ISLAMABAD, Oct 7: A young man from Chitral has been hospitalized in a critical condition after he was beaten up by the employers of another Chitrali man in the Airport police area of Rawalpindi on Monday evening. Reports said Safiullah Khan, a resident of Drosh, worked in a house at the Fizayia Colony in Rawalpindi. A couple months back Hamidullah Afridi from Mardan living in the neighborhood asked him to arrange a domestic servant for him too. Later, Safiullah brought anothet young man from Drosh and employed him in the house of Hamidullah Afridi. However, about two months later he wanted to leave the work and asked Afridi to pay his wages. But Afridi refused and told him to call Safiullah who had brought him for employment. When Safiullah reached outside the house of Afridi, he was called inside and then beaten by about five to six persons with sticks and iron rods. When the neighbours reached the house they were not allowed entry. Later, someone called the Airport police who arrived at the spot and shifted the victim to the Benazir Bhutto Hospital in a critical condition. Police said the statement of the injured could not be recorded as he was still unconscious. Some of the colleagues of the victim from Brep village told ChitralToday that he had suffered injuries in head and faces. It may be noted that people of Chitral, especially unemployed youth,  throng Islamabad and Rawalpindi in search of job and most of them work as domestic servants or construction labourers. But often their employers refuse to pay them their wages and beat them or implicate them in false cases like theft. there is no one to raise a voice for these poor Chitralis.  ]]>

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  1. This is brutal and height of injustices. I agree that poor everywhere in Pakistan are facing the same or even worst situation but in our case it is more abhorable because we are facing such humiliations without saying an Uh. In other cities of Pakistan, Chitralis cannot hope for any justice but in Islamabad I have heard that there are a number of Chitrali people in good government position. I am disappointed at their worthlessness or callousness in saving this poor man from the brutality of savage people.
    To my Chitrali officers in Islamabad: Darde dil k waste paida kia insane ko Warna ta’at k leay kam na the karobian.

  2. “Chitral Today” is the only newspaper that is really representative of Chitrali nation. It represents the problems and hurdles of Chitralis. We are very thankful to this newspaper in depth of heart and hope that it continues its work.

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