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Morder residents oppose Kagh Lasht housing scheme

CHITRAL, Oct 1: The residents of Morder village in Mulkhow have said they will oppose construction of a housing scheme in Kagh Lasht which was announced by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak. Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, former MPA Zainul Abidin, Mir Ayub, Saad Rumi, Mehrab Khan and others said the proposed site of the township was a pasture of the local people. They said there was no need of building a township in upper Chitral and termed the provincial government’s decision unfounded. They said if the government was sincere in solution to people’s problem, it should pay attention to the dilapidated roads, lack of basic facilities in hospitals and teachers in schools. They said the district possessed tremendous potential in hydro power generation and that the government should exploit it.–Zahiruddin For a background to this report read at this link:]]>

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