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JUI warns against holding of Chitral festival

CHITRAL, Sept 28: The Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) Chitral has warned the district administration to refrain from arranging the 10-day Chitral festival otherwise it will face strong reaction from the Muslims of the area. juiIt may be noted that arrangements have been finalized by the district administration for the Chitral festival which will be organized from October 1 to October 10. Speaking at a function held to welcome former SP Mohammad Saeed Khan Lal and outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba Chitral leader Siraj Ahmed in the JUI, the speakers said holding of the festival at a time the country was passing through a difficult time would be tantamount to rubbing salt into the injuries of the relatives of those killed in different incidents. Besides, they added, by arranging the so-called cultural and musical programmes the district management was actually promoting ‘obscenity, vulgarity’ and drug peddling in the otherwise conservative area. They also said non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were promoting a specific culture by holding different seminars and other programems. They said holding of such festival would not be tolerated by the people of Chitral. Those who spoke on the occasion included JUI Chitral general secretary Maulana Abdul Shakoor, JTI district general secretary Abdul Rehman, Qari Jamal Abdul Nasir, retired Subedar Abdus Samad, Maulana Fazal Rasheed, Maulana Ziauddin and Maulana Bali Nas.]]>

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  1. Afzal Aman says

    Here we go! Now these banned terrorist organizations like Sipah-e-Sahaba and their supporters like JUI will teach us the values of life…hilarious… There is a saying in Chitrali “Shoom royo loo bo shoom aloko be bo.”

  2. Safir says

    Talibanization is increasing in Chitral. The ulema hazarat are trying to show their power by trying to stop the festival, this is like what the Taliban are doing in the areas where they hold power.
    Our traditions and cultures are our wealth and whoever will promote our culture and tradition we should fully support them. Ulema hazarat should know that they are trying to develop an environment of extremism in Chitral which is condemnable.

  3. Shahzada Idrees Hayat says

    Jashn e Chitral, a cultural and sports festival, used to be held in the former State of Chitral. The Jashn was often called “Jalsa”. Lots of stories are narrated about the annual sports and cultural festival which brought together players and musicians from all corners of Chitral and all cultures and games were represented. The Jashn was abandoned along with other cultural, seasonal and traditional festivities with the end of Chitral State in 1969. It was in 2002 that CAMAT organized it again. Thousands of Chitralis participated in the festival and many including me saw traditional games and some of the traditional sports for the first time in life. The Jashn boosted tourism with thousands of tourists gathering in Chitral town and hotels filled with people…. The 2002 Jashn was one of the greatest events ever held which provided a platform for promoting Chitrali culture and reminding new generation of Chitrali identity and its features. Ulema were members of the “Jashn e Chitral ” Committee then and fully participated in majority events (except the musical ones)… Sadly the Jashn was politicized after that, Ulema starting opposing it, and the next year, cultural events were dropped from the Jashn, People lost interest in the festival when cultural events were lost and this event was never held again… This year the provincial government has announced that it is going to organize the Jashne during first week of October and that provincial authorities will attend the Jashn. Tour operators in different parts of the country were receiving calls from tourists who wanted to visit Chitral for this festival.. but its feared that the Jashn will loose its Charm again.. It will be politicized and Chitrali cultural events will be stopped in name of religion.

  4. Nadir Khan, Karachi says

    OMG. From where you have come to protect values of our society. Believe me you are centuries behind the world and nobody is going to buy your idea. If you say that by arranging a musical gathering someone is going to create obscenity and if you say that it is against Islam you should go to Dama Dola along with your archaic baggage of ideas and live in a cave there. The people of Chitral love their culture and centuries old traditions and they are good Muslim too. That’s why today they live in peace surrounded by forces of darkness who are killing human beings like sparrows. Chitarlis are also known the world over for their love to music. My friends JUI leaders always do and say something that has some semblance of rationality and reasoning. It is going to backfire believe me.

  5. Altaf Ali Shah says

    Sorry friends, this is a very old tactic to earn money. Now chitralis are mature enough and we have to continue our traditions at any cost. And it is my humble suggestion to JUI to stop such blackmailing.

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