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Two-member commission to recount votes in Chitral on 30th

ISLAMABAD, Sept 25: The battle line has finally been drawn as the election tribunal of Peshawar high Court has given a go-ahead signal to a two-member commission to recount the rejected votes and postal ballot papers of PK-90 upper Chitral on September 30. pk-30Talking to ChitralToday on phone from Peshawar, MPA Ghulam Muhammad, who is a respondent in the case, said that the two-men commission has been directed to dash to Chital and recount the votes on September 30. The election tribunal in its order, a copy of which is available with ChitralToday, has issued directives to district returning officer (district and sessions judge) Chitral to extend all possible help to the two-member commission. The commission, which has been entrusted with the gigantic task to resolve the issue, comprises Shafique Ahmad, former joint provincial election commissioner Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Riaz Ahmad Khattak, a law officer Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). The commission will start the recounting of rejected votes, postal ballot papers and three votes which, Saradr Hussain, who is a petitioner in the case, had alleged were mistakenly dropped into the National Assembly ballot boxes by mistake and were declared rejected. The tribunal has also directed the commission not to disclose the results and submit its report to the tribunal within two weeks after the recounting process, which is scheduled for September 30, adding the election tribunal will announce the results by itself in presence of both the candidates in Peshawar. The district police officer, district accounts officer and district election commissioner Chitral have also been issued directives to make foolproof security arrangements on the occasion to avoid any untoward incident. However, Ghulam Muhammad, the incumbent member provincial assembly, reiterated that he would emerge victorious as his hands are clear and he had done nothing in the whole election process. “I’ve a firm belief that Allah almighty always helps those who are right [and] once the recounting is over, everything will be crystal clear,” he added. At the same, our sources present on the premises of the election tribunal came up with interesting comments about the body language of the two archrivals. They disclosed that Mr Shah was feeling a bit down due to cough and cold or it could also be the mounting pressure as the cat will be out from the bag only after two weeks. They also said that some members of the provincial assembly were also seen in the court for their own business, and they also showed great enthusiasm to know about the petitioner who had challenged the results of their colleague. And Ghulam Muhammad, fully upbeat to steal the show, kept on introducing Mr Shah to them in Pashto with a big smile on his face, saying: “da zama hamdard dei, da zama ror dei, his khabara na da, ka da ogatala za ba da ta da gulanoo har ower owa chom [this is my friend, my brother and if he wins, I will, place a garland of roses around his neck.]]>

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  1. Munir Hussyn Fatimi says

    Dear friends
    We should not fight with each other like targeting some families and terming them Pirs and Mirs. Both Ghulam Muhamad and Shah jee are very respectable to us. Today I went to the court and saw both the candidates sitting side by side and having cups of tea and sharing Chitrali snuff(Naswar) for reducing their stress. This made me smile but here we are becoming analysts without considering the consequences of spreading hatred. So don’t mislead the masses.

  2. Dawood Nizamuddin says

    I am a little confused. This whole conversation is around the recount in PK 90 so where does our MNA Iftikharuddin fit in. I specifically take exception to the comment by Shahzaib Mastuj that Iftikhar does not have the guts for politics. Criticizing someone just for the hell of it without doing homework or to be specific criticizing someone based on family affiliations is not only prejudiced but also wrong. In the West they call it stereotyping and for the record Iftikhar is an honest, hardworking, well educated individual who has the desire to serve his constituency. Some of his ideas have been very well received by folks in the finance ministry and various other ministries including by Ishaq Dar, once termed as one of the best finance ministers by the Economist magazine. If he thinks that proposals made by Iftikhar should be given some serious thought, I would say he has it in him to serve those he represents. As for his father Shahzada Mohiuddin. history will be a better judge of his services perhaps we can afford him his privacy as he has left active politics and his health does not allow him to fight for Chitral any longer. When the recounting is over the winner will be declared and we should all accept the verdict. Our elected members deserve our respect as they are here to serve us and not the other way around.

  3. Shazaib Mastuj says

    Dear, my comments were not for the character assassination of political figures but these are the facts and harsh reality. If Shahzada Mohiuddin had been such a honest person he would not have been ousted along with 313 most corrupt bureaucrats. We have to get rid of these elements and select candidates solely on the basis of their performances irrespective of their race and sects.

  4. Zahir Ali says

    I would like to request all writers and readers not to pass any unethical comments because both candidates are respectable for us. Let’s wait for the result after the recounting on 30th of September 2013.

  5. Shazaib Mastuj says

    It is not the way to criticize someone on self-prejudice basis rather check their capabilities on the basis of their performance. By the juxtaposition of these two candidates, it seems crystal clear that Ghulam Muhammad is a proven corrupt person, he has carried out massive corruption in the food department. He has had a good inning along with his master Shahzada Mohiuddin, the one who remained in politics for more than 35 years, did nothing for the Chitrali nation and just accumulated wealth. Earlier, the Shahzada was a DC, he was ousted from the post due to corruption. After that, he started politics in Chitral and befooled the whole nation for more than three decades. As for as Iftikhar is concerned, no doubt he is a young and educated person but he absolutely lacks the basic guts which are required for politics. On the other hand, Sardar Hussain is an educated and matured person, having confidence and true conscience which are predominant element of a true politician. Insha Allah Hussain will be victorious on 30 September and will end the chapter of mafia politics altogether and this would be considered a good omen for the people of Chitral.

    1. Aziz Ahmad says

      Well said Shazaib Mastuj, I agree with you. Your comments are 200 per cent true.

  6. Afrasiyab Khan says

    I think both Haji and Shahji are inelegent politicians who could go to any length for their interests…both should be banned as one used religious blackmailing through syeds and other used money through takedar beradari …

  7. Maqbool Hussain, Kishmanja (Sonoghur) says

    By challenging the victory of Mr. Ghulam Muhammad, ignoring all the norms of traditions and Chitrali values, Sardar Hussain and his tribe have once again proved that they are the most clever and opportunist people in the whole Chitral. Sardar Hussain, who could not even become a small union council nazim throughout his 30 years political career, should have at least consider that whatever he is doing against Ghulam Muhammad is not something which could be appreciated by any sane Chitrali. If nothing at least you must have realized you both have to live in the same village in future too. But Shah jee did something which the people of Chitral will never forget. His decision to go to the court against the election results is undemocratic as he did not accept the victory of Ghulam Muhammad. A victory is a victory whether by one vote or thousands.
    Now when the elections tribunal has ordered recounting of rejected votes and postal ballots, GM will come out victorious once again and Shah will be left with no option but spend a retired life.

    1. Khan says

      Maqbool Xan,
      your comments are just like the ones made by the former Chief Minister of Baluchistan, “Degree Degree hota hai chahe asli ho ya naqli”. You say victory is victory whether it is through fair means or unfair means. Being an educated person, Hussain knows that he is just and knows to fight for his right. Whenever there is a problem faced by the local people, Hussain is always there with them louding their voice whereas no one has seen Ghulam, even some people from his own village don’t know him as they have never seen his face.

  8. Alamgir Nawaz Khan, Chapari (Mastuj) says

    No matter who wins but one thing is for sure that if Sardar Hussain emerges victorious, his tribe will not be able to digest the victory as these people have already declared themselves as “Peer-e-mulk, meer-e-emul”. At the same time, let me say it loud and clear that Ghulam Muhammad is ten times better than Sardar Hussain. The reason behind the failed political career of Mr. Shah is that he is highly boastful and does not deserve the coveted slot of member provincial assembly. The thing which best suits him is blackmailing through his “dhuwandar statements” like the one he recently made in an interview to Chitral Today against Prince Iftikharuddin. His statement was not more than a political gimmick to build pressure on the young MNA. Mr. Shah should keep this in mind that Iftikhar could not be made hostage through such political statements as he is an honest and fair man. His political career must not be linked with his father or anybody else in his family because he has the urge to serve the nation. The problem with Iftikhar is that he has no importance in the assembly due to his affiliation with Mohsin-e-Chitral General Pervez Musharraf’s APML. We must not criticize him as he is simply helpless as there is nobody to listen to him but next time he would be back with another political party, he would certainly be in a position to serve Chitral in a more better position.

    1. Muhammad Hashim says

      My dear Alamgir, Sardar Hussain is the only talented person not only in Chitral but whole Pakistan. He has true leadership capabilities to lead the simple people of Chitral. That was shown by the genius people of PK-90, obviously the people of Booni select right person for provincial assembly. You say about peeri mulk and meeri mulk, my friend, in Chitral usually vote casting is on caste basis. But Sardar Hussein has the potential to work as a leader. Existing political leaders played dirty game in 11 May 2013 election. Shah jee’s capacity is full so he made a statement. Our best wishes and sympathy are with him. People better know who is the best candidate for provincial assembly.

      1. Zulfiqar Ali Parimali says

        Agree u… Hashim…

  9. Syed Nasiruddin Peerzada says

    Haji Sahib’Sharom tum ko magar nehi ati.

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