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Drosh bar office-bearers resign in protest

ISLAMABAD, Sept 23: The president and general secretary of Drosh Bar Association on Monday resigned in protest against what they said non-transparent inquiry conducted into the allegation against the civil judge of Drosh who has been accused of trying to keep a Chitrali girl at his official residence. Talking to ChitralToday ( on phone from Drosh, Advocate Syed Imtiaz Hussain Shah alias Imtiaz Jan said after the resignation of the bar president Abdul Hamid Advocate and general secretary Ehsanuddin Advocate, the barroom was locked and the keys thrown inside the room. He said the judge had trampled the values and norms of the Chitrali society by trying to keep the girl in his residence after court hours. She had come to the court at 11am on that day but after court timings at 2pm, the judge asked the women police officials to take her to his resident at about 3:45pm. On the protest of some lawyers, however, the girl was handed over back to her relative. Under the law when a girl does not want to go to her parents or in-laws’ house, she can be kept at a shelter house or at the house of a prominent person of the town where she can live in safety, he added. He said when the people of Drosh protested against the judge, a member of the Peshawar High Court’s inspection team came to Drosh on September 19 but he conducted the inquiry without fulfilling the principles of justice. Advocate Imtiaz Jan was of the view that to ensure a transparent inquiry the judge should have been suspended but in this case the inspection team held the inquiry without removing the judge. And the probe was conducted at the chamber of the judge who could influence the inquiry. Even then, all the witnesses and the girl deposed before the inquiry officer that she had been taken to the residence of the judge. He said most of the witnesses were not given the chance to depose and one of the lawyers, Naveedur Rehman Chughtai, had to file an application to become a witness to the allegation against the judge. For background to this story, read at this link:]]>

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