AKHS case: Committee asks police to make 'facts' public

CHITRAL, Sept 23: Representatives of political parties in Chitral have threatened the police and the officials of the Aga Khan Health Service (AKHS) Chitral to ‘resolve’ the murder of a woman therapeutic counsellor by her patient on August 26. The mentally disturbed ex-MBBS student from Garam Chashma committed suicide after killing the woman, a resident of Torkhow, on the premises of the AKHS office. Maulana Baniras Khan, a local leader of Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s JUI presided over a meeting of “Chitral Political Parties Steering Committee” which according to a statement condemned police failure to make the ‘actual facts’ about the killings public even after so many weeks. The statement said the police silence had created doubts and anger among the people of Chitral and the masses wanted the actual facts behind the incident to be disclosed. It said the people also wanted how and why a mentally disturbed man entered the office carrying a gun and then shot dead the woman who was treating him. The participants of the meeting, according to the statement, said the government and the police authorities should tell the public about all the facts because it was not the first incident as in the past too the AKHS offices had been targeted many times. The participants  said the officials concerned of the AKHS should be punished and removed from their posts for their negligence and failure to reveal the facts. They said if the matter was not resolved on a priority basis the committee would approach the provincial government to order an inquiry into the incident. To read about the murder-suicide case, please click here: https://www.chitraltoday.net/2013/08/26/couple-found-murdered-in-chitral/]]>

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  1. Wow, wonderful. The committee demands that facts behind the murder of the young lady and the suicide by her killer should be made public. I would like to ask mulana Banaras to tell the nation the facts behind your interest in this particular case. Because we have never heard of such demands in other similar murder and suicide cases and secondly your statement that AKHS has seen many more incidents in the past. Yes, for who better knows than you about all that incidents and who were behind them.

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