Kalash children rally for education

KALASH, Sept 20: To increase enrollment ratio in the government primary schools of Kalash valleys, an education rally was held by the students of Kalasha primary schools and Alif Ailaan (Transforming Education Pakistan).

The students from Kalasha Dur Private Institute of Kalasha tradition and Kalasha primary school Mumuret (Bumborate) were carrying banners and placards inscribed with the messages asking parents to enroll their children in schools and Alif Ailaan literatures, Chalo chalo School Chalo ‘asking children to go for school and eliminate poverty’ go to school reduced illiteracy’’.

The rally started from Kalasha Dur School at Brun Mumuret and passing through various villages in Mumuret on the way to Tameer-e-Millat itw as joined by other children as well. The rally covered more than four kilometers area. The students were chanting slogans in favor of education.

Address the rally, Sher Alam, teacher of Kalasha primary school Mumuret, said, “Children should focus on education and should be obedient to their parents.’’
Addressing the teachers and students, Luke Rehmat, the district network coordinator of Alif Ailaan, said, “Pakistan is facing hard time in its history as 25 million children are out of school in the country and so many are dropping out after enrollment.

He emphasized the need to enroll as many students as possible and also urged students and parents to ask their parents, friends to approach their elected representatives with a request to inform them about the steps they were taking for the promotion of education.

Rehmat added that for the quality education the current system was not useful as teachers were provided according to number of students. He said if government was really interested in providing quality education, there should be at least seven rooms in a primary and six teachers. The six rooms will be available for students and one room for staff. In this way, it would be possible to impart quality education, he added.

  1. Shazaib Mastuj says

    This has been the dilemma of our country that the education sector gain less than 10% of GDP which is far less than that of required amount. In US, the budget of one university (Harvard) is more than the entire budget of Pakistan. while we were expecting from the PTI government to bring some positive reforms, so far they have been unable to formulate a policy for the development of education sector. Research and development is the basis of a country’s overall development. Unfortunately, Pakistan is the second largest illiterate country in the world having millions of out of school boys and girls. Policymakers have to put their heads together and make a long-term policy for better future of our country.

  2. Saif, Karachi says

    “Give me educated mother I will give you a good nation.”–Shakespeare
    This is the importance of education. Education is the only criterion through which a country can progress. Today the world is of science and technology, and without education no nation cant even practice its cultural,traditional and religious values in its true spirit.

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