Vote recounting further delayed

ISLAMABAD, Sept 12: Member provincial assembly from upper Chitral Ghulam Mohammad on Thursday said the formation of a commission to recount rejected votes and postal ballot papers in PK-90, Chitral-II, has been delayed till September 23. Talking to ChitralToday over phone from Peshawar, he said the commission will be formed on September 23, as efforts for selection of impartial and neutral persons was still underway. “No specific reason for the postponement was given, however, it will be a two-men commission and the names are yet to be announced,” he added. This was for the second time that the formation of the commission has hit snags for unknown reasons. On September 12, it was expected that the two-men commission will proceed with the directives of the election tribunal but the tribunal member did not turn up without citing any reason. The formation of the commission was again delayed on September 19 for another three days in a similar manner without any reason, making it a war of nerves among both the candidates as none of them is ready to give up with a hope to emerge victorious. Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) candidate Sardar Hussain, who is the runner-up, had all along indicated that Ghulam Mohammad, the incumbent MPA, will surely bite the dust as a result of recounting of postal ballots and rejected votes. Ghulam Mohammad is equally confident and moving from pillar to post in an effort to give a humiliating defeat to his archrival Sardar Hussain, saying no matter what it will be his victory and once the recounting will be over, he will get at least 200-250 more votes. However, the sources maintained that the body language of both the candidates was worth seeing. They were seen under immense pressure on the premises of the court, giving sarcastic smiles to each other before the decision to set up the commission was announced.  ]]>

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