‘Propaganda’ against judge condemned

DROSH, Sept 16: A rally was held at the Drosh bazaar against what its organizers said a propaganda launched by some elements of the town to defame a Chitrali family and insult the local judiciary.

Addressing the rally, which was taken out from a mosque after Zuhr prayers, Qari Mohammad Inam and Qari Fazal Haq said that the elements had levelled baseless allegation against the civil judge of Drosh to point scores in the process they also humiliated by pointing fingers at a teenage girl from Biori village. The rally was led by Qazi Mohammad Inamul Haq and attended by quite a large number of people.

The speakers claimed that the elders of Drosh probed the matter on their own and visited the house of the girl where no one substantiated the allegations levelled by the particular elements. They said even the sessions judge had also ordered an inquiry into the matter but despite that the elements used the issue for to fulfil their political objectives.

They said that the sessions judge should hold an inquiry into the allegations and if the civil judge was found guilty of the allegations he should be punished in accordance with the law. But if the allegations turned out to be fake, the elements should be given an exemplary punishment. Till the completion of the inquiry, they added, the judge should not be transferred form the area.

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