Fake army officer from Peshawar arrested

DROSH, Sept 16: It is disgusting that there has been an alarming increase in crimes in Chitral that were unheard of in the peaceful valley in the past. Acid attack on women, murder, kidnapping, abduction and impersonation cases in Chitral? It is also troubling that almost all the accused in these cases were those who come to Chitral form outside. But so far the culprits have not been brought to justice and it is one of the reasons criminals from other areas consider Chitral as a safe haven and its people easy to be cheated. On Monday, the police in Drosh said they have arrested a resident of Peshawar’s Murshidabad locality for impersonating himself as an army major and trying to influence policemen at a checkpost. Sub-Inspector Mubarak Khan, the SHO of Drosh, said when policemen at a picket at Ashiret stopped some people for taking iron ore in a truck illegally towards Peshawar, one of them tried to pressure the officials by claiming that he was a major of the army’s engineering corps. Further investigation showed that he was not an army officer. The police arrested the man and brought him to the Drosh police station where during an investigation he acknowledged that he had tried to influence the policemen by posing himself as an army officer. The accused was identified as Mohammad Arshad, son of Ashiq Hussain, and a resident of Peshawar. It may be mentioned that the government has already banned transport of iron ore from the Damel area out of the District.  ]]>

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  1. Well, the main cause of this issue is very well addressed by Safir. I am totally agree to his point that we Chitralis are still on the same stage where we were 20 years ago. This is our main problem and we have to change our attitude towards other people. This incident clearly shows the ignorance and lack of awareness towards the intentions of these people.

  2. It looks very great to see apprehension of our youth regarding their culture, we have highlighted what is going on in our land but the question is that how can we stop it or address it.

  3. These criminals are getting benifit of our kindness and hospitality. Our people are enough innocent to know these criminals. The world has changed as well the people of the world, but the Chitralis are still on the same stage where they were 20 years ago. Please Chitralis grow up and differentiate between good and bad,and save our region from these type of criminals.

  4. The youth of Chitral need to be vigilant not only in checking these issues but also creating awareness about their culture and centuries old traditions. If if are carried away by the cultural invasion such types of issues continue rising in Chitral.

  5. Both Imran and Ahmad have made valid points.
    There are many social upheavals occurring in Chitral. From what I can see is that many of the young men of Chitral have moved out of Chitral to seek employment in other countries. Thus a short of men who are employed in Chitral itself. The parents are reluctant to marry off their daughters to men who don not have employment and earn a good wage. So what’s the answer???? Job creation in Chitral itself to keep the youth there. What else can they do but migrate out to earn a living?

  6. The people who have married off their daughters out of Chitral are also equally responsible for the increasing trend of crimes in Chitral. If you are so ashamed of giving your daughter to a Chitrali boy, you should also pack up and migrate permanently towards your Pashtoon or Punjabi jamars’ anti-woman society. Chitralis and the so-called elite class if not reined in will be paving the way to turn Chitral into a hell along with their outsider ‘smuggler, bully, shung sha, qurna phashaq’ sons-in-law.

  7. Interesting to see people using Army’s name for carrying out illegal operations. Trucks and vehicles belonging to the myriad armies stationed in Chitral are never checked and are believed to smuggle everything ranging from wood to minerals out of Chitral.

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