Flood washes away Denin Gol bridge


CHITRAL, Sept 12: A flood in the Denin Gol washed away a bridge on the main road cutting off a number of localities in the town on Thursday. bridge copyThe stream was flooded at about 1pm after a light rain. Though traffic on the Chitral-Peshawar road is not affected, a large number of people living in most of the Denin town, in the north side of the stream, including officers colony, and students of Govt Degree College for Women, have to take a long detour via Chitral town and to reach the college and back home. The flash flood washed the bridge to the Chitral river. The flood also damaged two shops. In the meantime, Lotkoh road was also blocked at Shahshah village due to flood and 40,000 population of the valley have besieged. Besides, the flood also affected standing crops at Jughor Gol. A buffalo was also swept away in the Denin Gol flood.—GH Farooqui    ]]>

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