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Another defeat awaits my rival, says Ghulam Mohammad

ISLAMABAD, Sept 8: Member provincial assembly (MPA) from upper Chitral, Ghulam Mohammad, whose luck hangs in the balance after the recounting orders of postal ballot papers and rejected votes, is upbeat about his victory and says nothing will happen on September 12.   phcIn an interview with ChitralToday ( from Islamabad on Sunday evening, he said his archrival Sardar Hussain of the PPP is just beating the rug as he knows that I would succeed once again with a thumping majority. He, however, expressed dismay over the recounting orders, saying Sardar Hussain did not even bother to acknowledge people’s mandate and made the vote count controversial just for nothing. And on September 12, he will repent on this. “Victory is victory whether it is by a single vote or in thousands but even then I’m confident that recounting of the postal ballot papers and rejected votes fill my bag with 200-250 more votes as I’ve done nothing wrong,” he maintained. He dispelled the impression that large scale rigging had taken place in the counting of the votes, saying a presiding officer, a government employee, would never put his job at stake and take such a risky step to appease a particular candidate. “All the postal ballots were counted in physical presence of all the 14 candidates, including myself and Sardar Hussain, so my question is where it went wrong? Let’s see what brings the dawn of September 12,” he added. When asked what he would do if he lost in the recounting, he broke into laughter.

I’ll place garland of roses around Sardar Hussain’s neck, congratulate him if he wins but I would like to give you my words that there is not even a slight chance of his victory
However, he also said that after consultation with his lawyers, he had also filed a writ petition with the Peshawar High Court (PHC) as he was being penalized just for nothing but serving the people tirelessly throughout his political career. To yet another question about his bleak chances of emerging victorious against his rival, he again in a light mood, quoted an Urdu verse: “Ibtida-e-Ishq Hai Rota Hai Kya, Agay Agay Deikhiye Hota Hai Kya.” He added: “I’m confident of winning comfortably as my conscience is clear. I never did any wrong to anybody and am dead sure Allah almighty will help me as He helps those who helps others, so my victory is 200 percent sure,” he concluded. When again asked what he would do if Sardar Hussain is declared the winner, he said he would not like to say it on record now. “But you will and people will see what I will do.”]]>

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  1. Shujauddin, Mastuj says

    Haji sahib garam aru. We hope and pray you will win because we are fed up with these syeadan who instead of focusing on kafan dafan have started becoming politicians. I urge Sardar Hussain to carry on with the job his forefathers used to do. Kura tayit kore, dam sham det, siyast ta korum no bilkul ma shirin Shah ingar tan nachar jo pholok syedanan gani tan timo waste moko ta xhana gerum. Brar gariya tat lu doman baqi ta chit kya biko no bos.

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