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My victory will end ‘princely monopoly’ on politics: Sardar Hussain

ISLAMABAD, Sept 6: After the directives of Peshawar High Court (PHC)’s election tribunal to recount the postal ballot papers and rejected votes in PK-90 upper Chitral to resolve the tug of war between the winner and the runner-up, PPP candidate Sardar Hussain has taken it as a done victory after a hard battle.

In the May 11 elections, Sardar Hussain was declared the runner-up with 10,841 votes against 10,848 votes of his archrival Haji Ghulam Mohammad of the All Pakistan Muslim League (APML). The PPP candidate alleged that widespread rigging had deprived him of a sure victory. Later, he moved the tribunal for recounting of the votes. As directed by the tribunal on Sept 2, the recounting of the postal ballot papers and the rejected votes in PK-90 will be held in front of a one-man commission on September 12 in Peshawar. There were 2,995 rejected and about 2,000 postal ballot votes in the constituency. In an interview with ChitralToday ( on phone from Booni on Friday night, Sardar Hussain said he wanted to bring a marked change in the political approach of the valley.

I have been seeking an opportunity for the last over 30 years to end ‘the princely monopoly’ on the political landscape of Chitral. Now justice has been done to me with the vote recounting orders in PK-90 and I will fulfil my dream.”

Without elaborating on the prospects of the vote recount and his future plan for his constituency of upper Chitral, the PPP diehard activist attacked former member National Assembly Shahzada Mohiuddin and accused him of exploiting the people of Chitral in connivance with the contractor mafia till his retirement from politics due to old age a year back. “He [Mohiuddin] ruled Chitral single-handedly using his blackmailing tactics with the help of these contractors [and] when his lovey-dovey days were over he once again managed to plant his son on the poor people of Chitral,” he maintained.

To a question about the Lowari tunnel, work on which was abandoned during the tenure of his party, Sardar Hussain said the “innocent people of Chitral were blackmailed in the name of Lowari tunnel twice – first during the 2008 elections and then during the 2013 elections.” This will have serious repercussions in the long run. He claimed that ‘the princes’ of Chitral were actually the people who were against the construction of the Lowari tunnel to keep the Chitrali people cut-off from the rest of the country and hence backward to be ruled.

“Prince Mohiuddin has no contribution in materializing the long-standing dream of the construction of Lowari tunnel rather he and other people of his clan wrote letters to more than 15 embassies opposing the construction of the tunnel. However, they miserably failed in their designs,” he maintained. The MPA hopeful also accused the incumbent member National Assembly Iftikharuddin of removing all the forest checkposts to give a free hand to the timber mafia to smuggle as much timber from Chitral as possible. “His brother smuggled timber worth Rs35 million along with a former provincial minister and this is the reason there is no forest checkpost from Bakrabad in Chitral till you enter the Dir territory,” he alleged.

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  1. N. Khan says

    Mr Hussain is a good guy to represent Chitral. He is enthusiastic and will use his potential for the betterment of Chitral. I am not favoring on a party basis. I belong to PTI but I am hopeful that he is a good choice to represent Chitral.

  2. Shahpar Ali says

    I didn’t understand a word of what you said. I don’t know if you understand what I meant when I wrote about what Mr. Afzal smoke. Let me now explain that, when you say something which is a total bullshit, then there is an American expression for that, they say, “Are you high.” It means nobody with sane mind and in his senses would say that. Mr. Afzal Ali is praising our MNA as if he is the lone savior of Chitral where the reality is he is the weakest MNA in the whole house. His father did not do anything for Chitral but enjoyed a life beyond the reach of any other Chitrali, thanks to our votes. Now it is his turn. So my dear brother, I am in a way supporting you and your views.
    What prompted me guessing that Mr. Afzal Ali must be high when he wrote his comment was the expression that perhaps our MNA is the best MNA in the whole parliament and it is he who worked hard to get funds for Lowari tunnel from the federal and provincial governments. I assure you no person in his complete senses can say or write that. Rest I don’t know anything about timber mafia, and if our MNA is involved or not, so I cannot comment on that.

  3. Ahmad, Islamabad says

    Wow, Shahpar. Superb writing style you have just stolen the show. I really very appreciate and love your otherwise ‘humble’ behavior. Now you must have been quite relaxed. Let me reshape your remarks about me, and I am sure you will not take it to the heart. Afzal Ali used to smoke K2 besides he is a frequent visitor to Ovirk area of Lotkuh, so you too do pay a visit there if you really want to taste his stuff. The posts sent by both of you deserve more ‘appreciations’. And wow, it’d be lovely to have guest posts from such ‘masterpiece writers’ like you and Afzal Ali. I’d eagerly wait for both of you after all you have already volunteered to shower praise on corrupt NGO walas and timber smugglers.

  4. Shahpar Ali says

    @Afzal Ali.
    Dude what do you smoke, please send me some, seems good stuff, take you so high.

  5. Afzal Ali says

    English is not my mother tongue, I am not appearing in TOEFL test on Chitral Today that you are judging my reading, writing, and speaking skills.People like you when exposed try to silence popular voice by such taunts but no one cares. I stand by what I said and I condemn what you wrote. You have learnt writing good English it doesnt mean you start humiliating people.
    Before calling me shadar, remember that there are still thousands of people of Chitral who take pride in Shadari. If being Shahzada Iftikhar’s voter means Shadar, remember you are calling majority of Chitralis “Shadar” and if being shadar is so bad as you said, you are insulting majority voters in Chitral and their mandate. The tactics you used are similar to those of the “Piyala Movement” during Chitral’s 2008 elections but remember that Piyalas were rejected by Chitrali people. If someone chooses to follow that path he will face the same.
    I dont think that writing Buni or Booni matters, what matters a lot is creating differences and divisions among Chitralis. Spreading stories and targeting an honest person is something which should be condemned rather than investigating one’s origin by his writing skills.
    I don’t need to hide my identity dear Sir. I guess its you who are doing so writing in supporting of Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmad. It seems like you are a strong supporter of the “Tehreek e Piyala” and you are also feeling shy of using a different or half name, isnt it so ?
    @Qazaq Ibrahim
    Dear people of Chitral also ask pose the same question to “Change Agents”. There are serious allegations of smuggling, involvement in timber business, collection of wealth through illegal means against some of the leading faces in the “Change Maker” party in Chitral. Secondly, you should know that “Forest Department” is a provincial subject and provincial government controls it. If check posts were removed, it has nothing to do with the federal government or the MNA rather the provincial government has to answer this question.
    @Chitral Today – @Ahmad @Qazaq Ibrahim
    We all are in a debate arguing because of our political or professional affiliations. I would like to draw your attention towards another news which has been has quietly silenced and largely ignored in Chitral. Few weeks back the provincial minister environment KPK visited Chitral along with a delegation. He was taken to Tushi Shasha game reserve where Markhors come near river bank for drinking water around 4pm and can be seen from Chitral Garamchashma road at Tushi. The minister when saw the Markhors snatched a gun from his guard and opened fire at them, as a result one markhor was badly injured but was able to escape. Policemen and watchers of wildlife department who were there with the minister couldn’t do anything as the minister of environment also heads wildlife department. Hunting markhor without permit that also in a sanctuary is illegal, people are sent to jail for years if they are proven guilty of illegal hunting. But who will ask this minister? Will the PTI government take against him? Will the courts send him to Jail? Is this the change people of KPK voted for that lawmakers themselves break laws in public. Text messages about this story were shared by some people in Chitral but neither media report nor did the watchers. Will someone dare to investigate and expose this illegal act?

  6. Musa says

    Ghulam Mohammad is not eligible for the seat of MPA…………the election was not fair….G.M spent a lot of money during the election campaign……….from where be earned this money. GEO Sardar Hussain

    1. Princess Sanam Faham says

      Geo Ghulam Muhammad.

      1. Aziz Khan, Droshp, Garam Chashma says

        We neither support GM nor Sardar Hussain because they both are one shape of the same coin. GM is a contractor while Shah Jee is pro-Syed, so none of them can be taken as a neutral leader. We voted GM for the sake of Musharraf but unfortunately he thinks he is a leader but he is not. The profession which suits him is full-time thekadari. He should not waste his money by indulging himself in politics. Sardar Hussain can become a chamcha as he has been doing chmchagiri for many years and this is the reason he is a failed politician. We miss Prince Muhiuddin who was a master politician of his time and successfully foiled these politicians’ flawed political tricks. None of them is sincere with Chitralis and they are all busy to make money for their own survival. GM has a lot of corrupt money, which he wants to legalize by staying in politics, while Shah Jee is fighting a war of survival. Iftikharuddin is yet to learn politics. The thing which is more disturbing is that there is no one in Chitral to represent them after Baba Prince Muhiuddin. He enjoyed great support of Katoor tribe but unfortunately there are so many people among Katoor tribe who do not like Iftikhar and they are jealous of him.

  7. Ahmed Hasan says

    Lalo khorayi kia sher 🙂

  8. Qazi Gibran says

    The silence of the MNA and his supporters over PPP leader Sardar Hussain’s allegation has created doubts among the people of Chitral. We thought Iftikhar is an upright man but his never-ending silence about such a serious allegation about removal of the forest checkposts to give a free hand to timber smugglers has forced us to warn the people of Chitral to be very careful while using their right to franchise in the next elections.

  9. Ahmad, Islamabad says

    Mr Afzal Ali should really have the ability to comprehend, read, write and speak English language before making any comment and that too to please someone very close to his heart.
    The way he is trying to gain the sympathies of MNA Iftikharuddin by defending him, hiding his real name and with a false claim of being from Booni, authenticates his ‘shadari’ for Iftikharuddin.
    A man who claims to have genetic inheritance of Booni is yet to learn how to spell the name of his birthplace – Booni. My dear, the correct spelling is Booni, not Buni. A similar claim exposed the literary expertise of another ‘proud Chitrali’ who in his threatening letter to me misspelled the name of the city of “Prague as Praug” where he claims to have been living for so many years.
    Anyhow, this very mistake shows he is not from Booni rather he is a ‘shadar’ of the MNA and feels shy of coming out openly with his real name for one reason or the other.
    Despite repeated clarifications by Chitral Today about the story filed by Zulfiqar Ahmad, in which MNA Iftikhar had to backtrack from his statement under immense pressure from people of the area, some of his diehard supporters are still trying to defend him.
    You must be sure of one thing that once the story is out, no rebuttal can undo the damage.
    In his clarification, the MNA had nothing to refute the story except targeting the headline. He reiterated the rest of the interview verbatim which showed he is still not ready to acknowledge the mandate of people.
    I would rather say the headline, “People didn’t vote me for Musharraf, says MNA”, was the crux of the MNA’s interview from which he had to backtrack. But it is of no use to cry over spilt milk.
    I would like to tell those who are trying to appease the MNA to keep in mind that a journalist is not bound to vet the interview/story of the opposition party, a private company or other such private sector organizations like a public relations officer.
    Those who are busy in flattering the MNA to achieve their vested interests will create more problems for him by spoiling his relations with the media.

  10. Afzal Ali says

    @Ahmad: Dear brother don’t add masala to this letter like the previous fabricated story about MNA which was published in Chitral Today, resulting in a long debate and rebuttal from the MNA Chitral. As far as Sardar Hussain’s statement is concerned, Chitral Today’s editor in his reply to my first comment has clarified that this statement was not issued by Sardar Hussain and that he disowned it by saying that had been issued on his behalf without informing him.
    It doesn’t surprise me and many others even if it was issued by Sardar Hussain, people who have little information about Chitrali politics know very well what sort of person Sardar Hussain is. Fierce speeches and statements have been his tactics since decades. If you do some research you will know that Shah sahib did such speeches in public during 1992 and made many allegations against the then MNA Shahzada Muhiuddin, which resulted in mobs destroying his properties and torching down his hotel. But later all those allegations were proven false which facts and realities were revealed.
    Shahzada Iftikhar sahib belongs to the strongest political house in Chitral. Many times his father was able to defeat all parties alliances, tribal alliances and social alliances which were made against him, those leaders also used to issue such statements and accusations but people would always reject them. Why? Because of Chitralis are used to elections since decades, election process started in Chitral even before it started in mainland Pakistan. We know power of our vote and have used it at various times. Chitralis elected and rejected many people after testing them.
    As far as the four months are concerned, I think it is too early to criticize the MNA and judge his performance. However, he has been able to raise strongest voice for Chitral in the National Assembly which resulted in funds for Lowari Tunnel from both provincial and federal government. He has also been coordinating closely with departments in Chitral asking them to be transparent and corruption free. He was seen in far-furlong valleys during the month of Ramazan visiting his constituency. He is also working for ending the power crisis in Chitral and has been able to divert governments attention towards hydro potential of Chitral.
    One of the best and honest MNAs in National Assembly, I think we all irrespective of our political affiliations should support the MNA.
    Through Chitral Today, I would request our MNA not to respond to such false accusations, allegations or fabricated stories. Purpose of such allegations or accusations is nothing but gain cheap popularity. And secondly your opponents have nothing to present against you, they have no vision for development, they have done nothing for the benefit of Chitrali nation. When your father, the former leader Shahzada Muhiuddin, talked about his services for Chitral, plans for future development and ethnic and sectarian harmony, in order to gain support, his opponents used such false allegations against him and uttered words in public which any human being cannot tolerate. But Shahzada sahib used to ignore these voices of helpless opposition. Iftikhar should also follow THE footsteps of his father. Issuing rebuttal to the fabricated story by an expat Chitrali was not a wise decision. The MNA should not give importance to such pity stories and focus on development of Chitral and its representation. He should also ignore such false allegations made by people who haven’t done anything for Chitral. The people of Chitral are not interested in this words game anymore. That’s why they rejected Molana Chitrali who was very fond of it. The people of Chitrali would like their MNA to represent them properly in NA and raise their voice on issues, resolve their problems. Ignoring and tolerating will definitely benefit the MNA and he will gain support and sympathies of people. Just like Molana Chitalis speeches which raised popular support for Shahzada Muhiuddin. These stores would also result in more support for the MNA. The people of Chitrali are very sensible and understand motive and agenda behind such news.
    I also belong to Buni and reside in another city. The purpose of my comment was not to create differences between the politician Sardar Ali and Shah sahib. If such occurred, I apologize from the senior Sardar Ali but its just because of similarity of names:
    Editor’s note: Chitral Today never said that the story written by Zulfiqar Ahmad had been carried without speaking to Sardar Hussain. Nor Sardar Hussain ever said that he had not stated what was published in Chitral Today. When a letter was posted in Chitral Today by the name of Afzal Ali Booni against Sardar Hussain, the veteran politician Afzal Ali from Booni clarified that it was not him rather someone else of his namesake might have posted the comment against Sardar Hussain.
    Secondly, rebuttal from anyone does not mean that the story is wrong. We have already said that Mr Zulfiqar Ahmad still stands by its story about the MNA.

  11. Zahiruddin says

    MPA Haji Ghulam Muhammad Sahib and Sardar Hussain Sahib; both are respectable for us. The need of the hour is that they both should shun their political differences. They both should use respectful, soft, social and decent language for each.They should come on one page, sit together, think together, work together for the development of their constituency in particular and Chitral in general as political power is coming and going thing but our values do remain for ever.

  12. Afrasiyab Khan says

    I think Sardar Hussain is the biggest black mailer in Chitral. I do not support Mr Ghulam Muhammad but Shah Jee is the most unreliable person in the area and it is true that in one of the early elections he cheated his own part, the PPP, and worked against it. I wonder how he can speak against thekadars and Mohiuddin while he has always been on their payroll.

  13. Ahmad, Islamabad says

    The PPP leader from upper Chitral, Mr Sardar Hussain, has levelled a very serious allegation against our MNA Iftikharuddin. This surprises me and many other people but we think that being the leader of a major party Sardar Hussain must have the proof of what he is saying. On the other hand, it is also surprising that the MNA has not come up with any rebuttal like the one he issued after being accused of claiming that he had not gotten votes in the name of Musharraf in the 2013 elections.
    This is very unfortunate to note that within a very short span of time – hardly four months after becoming member of parliament – Iftikharuddin has been accused of timber smuggling. In a recent interview to a local newspaper the MNA had claimed to exploit the untapped natural resources of Chitral. But so far we have not seen anything that can show that he is going ahead to explore the natural resources of Chitral. Instead, this accusation by the PPP leader has put a big question mark on the MNA. The people of Chitral would like their MNA to clear his position as far as the accusation is concerned.

  14. Sabir Khan, Booni says

    Being an ordinary resident of Booni, I`m frustrated to see the development work carried out by our MPA (Haji saab). During his last tenure he could not be able to build the street from Booni bridge to the main bazaar (I am shy of calling it a road). This so-called road from the bridge to the main bazaar is the ugliest image of our beautiful village though which our MPA`s cars keep on running for the whole year. I wonder why Haji sab is not interested to develop his own village and gain the trust of the people for the goodness of his party. As per my opinion had he done something for his own native town during his last five years tenure there would have been no need of recounting the votes today.

  15. Ahmed Hasan says

    Na ta hes jam na ma hes jam, e payo phost haqiqata!

  16. Aziz Ahmad says

    Good debate, no matter who ever wins the recounting seat between Haji and Shah Jee. We must keep continue comments and make realize the right and responsibility of the winner. who is going to represent us, if Haji wins his past five years progress will automatically be debated. I have heard that Haji made three higher secondary schools in Mastuj, Yarkhoon and Laspur UCs. But incompletion of Zaito pong road, Booni-Shandur road, Mastuj-Pasumo Guch road and no development work in Booni, his native town, are some black spots on his skirt.

  17. Habib Khan says

    Mr. Afzal Ali, mind your language while speaking about Shah Jee and do not accuse him of exploiting the issues inside Booni. You people have already acknowledged his potential and called him the Bhutto of Chitral. The number of votes he bagged in Booni also showed how much people like him. Your beloved Haji could not even won at his own polling with a large margin. Only 20 votes away from Shahjee that is why Haji Sahib did nothing for Booni in his five years tenure. Shahjee is the real voice of Subdivision Mastuj and the local government has always been given a tough time whenever he gave a call for strike for the rights of his people. So please don’t try to give it a religious colour.

  18. Afzal Ali , Booni says

    Shah sahib, Like your previous statements another “Dhuwan Dar” statement. But before calling others black mailers you should at least think of yourself as well. You were accused of inciting violence many times because of your speeches. Another accusation was that during the 2008 elections you charged fee from PPP candidate from upper Chitral for your speeches which you delivered during the campaign. Yet another accusation was that you betrayed the PPP at that time and supported the opponent candidate through back channel. Along with all this, you are also famous for exploiting issues in Booni black mailing contractors and collecting “Bhatta” from them. At last, you must not at least talk against traditional politics. Your leaked videos were spread all over Mastuj during the elections where during a personal meeting with your tribe members you were calling on “Syeds” to unite in the name of family honor and defeat the “Yuft” candidate.. “Pir-e-Mulk , Mir-e-Mulk” you have been using this proverb many times in order to express your close relationship with Prince Mohiuddin against whom you are talking during this statement. If someone from Yuft and other disadvantaged classes of Chitral speaks against the princes that is understood but you being a member of one of the most privileged families during the princely times, being bestowed with lands and jagirs, have no right to use such tactics to win the sympathies of the people of Chitral. The people of Chitral have bitter memories of having a man from your tribe as an MNA and MPA twice who was against establishment of schools in the subdivision, and even in his own village, fearing that the poor Ismailies will rise against the hold of Syeds and Khalifas.
    Shah sahib, we request you not to issue statements which contradict the ground realities. And also do not use harsh language against others it can turn towards you as well. Thanks

    1. Editor says

      Clarification: Mr Afzal Ali, a senior politician and well-known personality of Booni, has clarified that the comment against Sardar Hussain in ChitralToday on September 8 was not posted by him. He said he was living a retired life and also did not use the computer for any purpose. Someone of his namesake might have posted the comment or it may be the handiwork of those who wanted to create misunderstanding between him and Mr Sardar Hussain, he added.

  19. Abid Mirza Dubai says

    Ahmad Islamabad: where are you dear? Really, I am anxiously waiting for your nice comment on this issue also. I hope you will share your nice views with us.

  20. M. Wali, Mastuj says

    I also agree that Ghulam Mohammad is not fit to be an MPA but then it is democracy in which people are counted, so when people consider him able even after his failure to construct a portion of the Chitral-Mastuj road near Zait for five years during his previous tenure as an MPA, there does not arise the question of meritocracy, it is politics where only money can buy vote. But one thing is clear in this case his ill-gotten money has failed to give him a smooth sailing. let’s see what happens on Sept 12.

  21. Israr Auzhoric says

    Wish Mr. Sardar Hussain has a win not because he has to do some big things for his constituency but to mesmerize the parliamentarians in the Assembly. With all the personality problems he may have Sardar Hussain is undoubtedly a true representative of Chitrali culture in terms of sense humor, aesthetics, love for music, poetry, philosophy and much more.

  22. Sabir Khan says

    Even though I am not a PPP supporter, I would not feel bothered to say that Ghulam Mohammad is not a reliable person to represent the people of Chitral. As per sources, during his last five years when he represented the area he hardly spoke for eight minutes in the assembly. This was the time when the federal government was almost friendly. So how could we expect him to represent us while the situation is not in his favor due to the PML-N government in Islamabad.

  23. Abid Ali says

    Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmad should also be asked if these are truly Sardar Hussain’s actual words which he has reported. If this story is also like the one about that of MNA Iftikharuddin, which was also written by him and published in, this story will also lose its value.
    Dear Abid Ali, we never publish stories on hearsay. Zulfiqar is a professional journalist and even in the MNA story there was nothing wrong or misquotation and we still stand by that story. As mentioned in this story, Zulfiqar has spoken to Sardar Hussain on phone and quoted him verbatim. If you have any doubt about that, you can contact Sardar Hussain to confirm. We also have the audio recording of all the interviews published in ChitralToday so far.–Editor

  24. Mohammad Khan, Peshawar says

    Mr Sardar Hussain, you seem too big for your boots. It is easy to make such a rhetoric to mislead simple people in order to win votes. It is your right to seek justice if there was rigging, and I believe there was not only by Ghulam Mohammad by you too. Both of you were involved in rigging in many of the polling stations but it is another thing that your rival took a lead of seven votes by using ill-gotten money. For the last many years you have been trying to ignite the fire of ethnicity in your area, targetting some particular families. If you really wanted to bring a revolution in Chitrali politics you should have contested elections for National Assembly seat, defeat the so-called princes and carry out your plan. You have even no support in upper Chitral but you target Prince Mohiuddin, this shows your mentality you have nothing to offer to the people of your area.

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