I will sue you, MPA warns his opponents and media

PESHAWAR, Sept 7: A perturbed MPA from upper Chitral, Ghulam Mohammad, here on Saturday warned that he will sue the media and his opponents for creating what he said a misleading propaganda against him that he had been suspended by the election tribunal. [caption id="attachment_12425" align="alignleft" width="167"]Skating on thin ice. Skating on thin ice.[/caption] Speaking at a press conference along with his lawyers, the APML legislator said that on a petition of his political rival Sardar Hussain, the election tribunal on September 2 ordered recounting of postal ballot papers and rejected votes on September 12. “But my rival and some other elements launched a media campaign that I have been suspended from my seat of MPA,” he added. He said in the tribunal order there was also no mention about the recounting of the total votes. “I have the right to sue the media persons and concerned opponents for the baseless propaganda against me,” the MPA warned. The negative propaganda has caused damages to my status, reputation and mental agony to my family members and supporters, the MPA said. The election tribunal said: “It is held that there is no justification for ordering recounting of votes of the entire constituency in PK-90 Chitral-II. But as far the rejected votes, postal ballot papers and three votes found in the ballot box of National Assembly are concerned, these votes warrant examination, recounting in terms of section 39 of the Act of 1976 read with Rule 26 of the ROPA (conduct of election) rules 1977”. It added: “To execute the above order appointment of commission is warranted. Therefore the case is listed for September 12 for appointment of a commission in presence of both the parties.”]]>

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