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Flood-damaged roads left unrepaired

CHITRAL, Sept 5: The road leading to the Kalash valleys of Bumburate and Rumbur could not be opened for vehicular traffic after been washed away by the flash floods about 40 days ago. The residents of the valleys have complained that the closure of road has destroyed the tourism industry in the valleys on one hand and led to scarcity of commodities of daily use on the other. Tajbar Khan Kalash of Bumburate valley told this correspondent that the commodities of daily use were transported to the valleys on mules or donkeys while the journey takes three to four hours and the transportation cost was borne by the people. He said the cost of the items had almost doubled. The local people wanting to travel outside the valleys have to walk long distance on the dilapidated road. A lot number of local people of the valleys have been rendered jobless as they are associated with the tourism industry in one way or the other. A hotel owner in Bumburate, Amjad Ali, said almost all the hotels were closed as the closure of road was keeping the tourists away from the valleys.–Zahiruddin]]>

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