Suicide galore: two more children kill themselves

CHITRAL, Sept 3: A girl and a boy committed suicide in two localities of Garam Chashma valley. Both of them were said to be mentally disturbed. A spokesman for the Chitral police, inspector Buzurguddin, said Maqsud Bibi of Roi village jumped into the local river and ended her life. Her body was later retrieved from the water and buried. In the second incident in the adjacent village of Ovirik, he said, a young boy Shaukat Hussain, son of Jano Gul, shot himself dead by an automatic rifle inside his living room. The spokesman said that the local police were conducting an inquiry into both the incidents. The fresh incident of suicide has raised the number of girls committing suicide to more than 10 during the last two weeks.–Zahiruddin]]>

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  1. Yes Bashir, you are so right. The media and mobiles. The culture has not incorporated this element. I know several young people who have romantic relationships via the mobile phones….and then when time comes for marriages, the parents arrange something and the children are so upset. They commit suicide. How sad is that. So the use of mobiles has not fit into the culture yet. Then, of course, the media shows all the romantic notions which also don tot fit into the culture.

  2. Misuse of electronic media and mobile is the main reason behind the destruction of our peaceful environment and the youth.

  3. Why now and not before this is happening?Is this some kind of external pressure from the world outside running fast and they feel left behind.The rat race or false competition taking over these peaceful people who are far better than the rest of the world.
    Shagufta Zafar
    (via Facebook).

  4. Ms. Rehana an Edhi home is not the solution to these problems. We need change the mind of students at schools and colleges through motivational sessions.There should be a mentor-ship programme at the community level for the the youth and their parents. There is a huge pressure built up by the teachers and parents regarding education among the students. Our youth are very weak and do not have any kind of hope for future. We need to build that hope.

  5. This is disastrous. Something major has to change. How about opening a hostel for disturbed and depressed youth to access while so they can work out their problems….Instead of jumping into the river!!!!…..How about the govt or community starting a hostel, where these youth can get time out and work on reconciling with their families. There are solutions and time has come to look at them….Whether it is culturally acceptable or not won’t be any young women left in Chitral soon at this rate. Let’s do something positive instead of arguing about cultural acceptability etc. Let’s do something that will help these depressed youth.

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