Mentally disturbed man commits suicide after killing psychologist

ISLAMABAD, Aug 26: In a gruesome murder-suicide case of its kind in the history of Chitral, Farhana Mehmood, a psychologist at the Aga Khan Health Service Chitral, was killed by a mentally disturbed, frustrated patient on Monday, police said.

In October last year, a youth also committed suicide in Brep village of Yarkhun valley after killing a girl who had turned down his proposal to marry him.

In the latest incident in Chitral town, Sardar Ayub, son of Khush Bahader of Gram Chashma, a psychological patient, shot dead Farhana Mehmood, daughter of Mehmood Isa with a pistol, at AKHS centre situated in Atalique Bazar Chitral, and then killed himself with the same weapon.

The incident took place on Monday morning at around 10am after he was being examined by the psychiatrist at the AKHS centre situated next to Mountain Inn hotel right under the nose of deputy commissioner office.

Sub-Inspector Tajuddin, a police spokesman, told on phone from Chitral that the mentally retarded man used to visit the psychiatrist for treatment for quite long, as he was suffering from mental disorder.

He said that the murderer had left medical college after completing three years of MBBS and since then he was being treated by the unfortunate psychiatrist. According to police, on Monday morning, he came for a routine check up and shot himself to death with a pistol after killing the lady psychologist.

The dead bodies were shifted to district headquarters hospital Chitral for autopsy. Police continue to investigate and have not released any additional information, said police spokesman. When asked about the increasing trend of crimes especially suicide among women, the police spokesman sarcastically said that the police could not guard the whole river banks of Chitral as most of these women end their lives by jumping into river Chitral.

About negligence of Chitral Police which has miserably failed to protect the life and property of people, the spokesman claimed that the AKHS had recently relieved policemen deployed for security, saying they had hired private security guards and did not need police service anymore.

To a question about allowing the man holding a pistol inside the hospital, a senior AKHS official who declined to be named said that the security guards did not pay much attention as the man used to visit the hospital quite frequently for getting treatment. Sources also said that the mentally disturbed man had also been been jailed for a few months.

Farhana Mehmood hailed from Ujnoo village of tehsil Torkhow and was a niece of former district attorney Asmat Issa. This is a test case for the provincial government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) as the unfortunate incident has created panic in the area especially among women. The people belonging to different walks of life have demanded both federal and provincial governments to take strict action against the incompetent high-ups of AKHS Chitral for allowing an armed man inside the hospital which claimed an innocent life.

Note: ChitralToday published a story about the medical student, who committed suicide after killing the woman in Chitral on Monday, in April

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  1. What the hell is this going on between the so-called educated people. The way you people talk to each other looks like the fish market dealers talking to each other. Man behave yourself and control your language.

  2. @Azam Jameel Khan, of Czech Republic: First of all I’m dead sure you’re another ‘rascal character’ of Shahpar type from Chitral. Even then if you are hell-bent that you live in the landlocked central European country, your mentality reflects what you must be doing there.
    You better concentrate on the menial job you must be doing for which you are being paid from the taxpayers’ money of Czech Republic. As far as your undying love for Mr Saifuddin, who also happens to be a very good friend of mine, you must stop acting like a wolf in a sheep’s clothing.
    Flatterers and Mullah Do-Piyaza type things of your ‘class’ could be nobody’s friend. It would be me and other upright people having self-respect who would spring into action if Mr Saifuddin ever needed help because rented, showpiece, publicity mongers ‘class’ of your category will be sold at a throwaway price at the PIA Chowk in Chitral.
    If you think you are a bully, come out from the shell you have been hiding for so long. You’re most welcome here, I will remind you your real worth how big bully you are. You might have just heard of the word ‘badmashi’, and this could be the reason you’re jumping into the air without even slightly weighing your worth but the moment you will face it, you will never be able to recover from the shock. So my advice to you is just keep your mouth shut and control your tongue because it can become “Krui ligini sha kaphalot baan.”

  3. Hello Ahmad: You have spoken way too much against the respectable people of Chitral and have even tried to target particular families which have enjoyed a great deal of respect throughout Chitral for their services to the masses. What prompted me to write over here is the last letter you have written targetting my friend and brother Saif. Dear Ahmad, the man you termed clerk is leading a world top ranked university in Pakistan. Before you insult people who are a pride of Chitral, you should first look at the mirror and ask yourself the same question. Are you the VC of the QAU or Rector of SZABIST? Who are you by the way? The public would want to know about you, the self-proclaimed HERO and SAVIOUR of Chitral living such a solitary life in Islamabad. Your words are heavier than the head you are carrying upon your shoulders. It is about time you stop such comments or else be ready for a counterattack. I totally agree with Mr. Shahpar. You are a gone case. The Urdu proverb exactly suits you, “laton k bhoot baton se nahi sudharte”. No doubt Saif’s humble nature can’t handle your attitude and that’s why he opted to stay away. I am here now to teach you a lesson of your lifetime. Dear readers, if anybody has this boy’s cell number please share. I think I should give him a piece of my mind first.
    Czech Republic

  4. So, finally the duo [Saif, Shahpar] are clean bold. They would not have experienced such an embarrassing moment throughout their lives what they had to face here in their failed attempt to defend some of their beloved crooks who, without an iota of doubt, are a liability on the prestigious AKDN institutions.
    However, in utter frustration and to avoid further embarrassment, Saif managed to get a safe exit using his all-time powerful ‘Morder diplomacy’ skills. As far as his childish advice to me, I would like to suggest: “If there is nothing, say nothing”. You do not know the ABC of arguing because of your clerical nature of job on which you are taking great pride but in reality it is no different than that of a CNW contractor.
    Now let me take on the ‘humorous character’ of the debate – the fake Shahpar, as the chap does not even know how to substantiate his arguments. He thinks as he is the Aristotle but let me remind him his worth. He is a man known for his greedy nature, exploitation of NGOs and heads of political parties for his own vested interest. His worth is no more than a tiny teacher.
    I would like to request the editor to blacklist the rascal as he does not deserve even a little space on this prestigious online daily. If you have the guts talk to me straight and I will show you your real worth. Mr Nadir Khan is not responsible to answer on my behalf. He has all the rights to express whatever the way he wanted because he is a bright man and not carrying the weight of ‘slavery chains’ like you.

    1. On the one side you think I am fake and so you don’t know me but on the other side you think I am well-known for my greed and I play with head of political parties (so I might be a big shot in Chitral) but then you think I am a tiny teacher. So you did not conclude who am I????
      There are two things. You have not come up with any evidence of corruption against anyone whom you accused of corruption in your first comment. Can you please come up with any evidence…any..or you are going to rant like you have been doing all the way.
      Second: So let me conclude your thoughts here: Dr. Zafar, Shah Karez, Zuhran Shah and all other top management of AKDN are corrupt. Mr. Saifuddin is a clerk; I am a tiny teacher; Nadir Khan is a very bright person and you are, sir, King Henry VIII!

  5. @Nadir
    It was also good to see that your views on certain issues have changed over the period of time. Because once when this same News Website ran a story about a retired banker trying to grab the post of branch manager with his links you were furious. You said it is sheer blackmailing and there is no harm in it. That time you shunned a whistle blower this time you like one. You can read your response here:

    1. Mr Shahpar, it is good that you have reminded me of my comment about the retired banker’s story on which I still stand because it was in my view a sort of blackmailing against one individual. That individual was trying to get a job and I thought what the hell it was to blow it out of proportion. But here you have tried to mix blackmailing with corruption by organizations. If you believe that there is no corruption in any department in Chitral, it might be a figment of your imagination or you might have personal interests but it would have no reality on the ground.
      My point is that it is a matter of personal interest in the current topic as well as in the past discussions. If not look at your own comments, Mr Shahpar, on the story in Chitral Today about the NBP building issue:
      Dear, why that small issue was irritating you at that time and why the corruption allegations against AKDN institutions now burn your heart. Either you are working with these organizations or it seems you have other vested interests. You are looking at things through a tinted glass, my friend.

      1. My Dear brother, that’s what I said in my first reply to you, to please read what I wrote before replying. Can you just read a single line where I said there is no corruption in Chitral or in any public or private (including AKDN) organisation. I never thought and said that and I don’t know how did you infer that from my comments. Let me briefly explain what I am trying to say. If you have any real proof or any good argument against any person or any organization please come forward, everyone will support you. Like if you visit the bridge being constructed near Scouts Hospital and see what Thekadar Muhammad Khan is doing there and then write a whole article on his malpractices you will find me at your back. But maligning someone or any organization without any proof and just out of self-frustration is something very dangerous. If you encourage that then tomorrow I might cook up some nasty stories about you and use the web space to transmit the story to scores of people. You might not like that. That’s what I am advocating, not defending a certain person or organization.

  6. @Nadir Khan
    Dear sir, he is not a whistle blower he is just a random guy with a twisted mind harping about everything coming his way. Let me give you an example. He doesn’t even know me, he doesn’t have the slightest idea of who am I but he says I have masters, they pay me for defending them and I seek personal favors from them. Same goes for Mr. Saif, he is one gem of a guy but your whistle blower thinks he also has masters. That is his mindset. This proves that whatever he says is just a creation of his mind and has no relevance to facts or ground realities. That’s why I have confronted him and gave him advice to seek guidance.

  7. Dear Ahmad,
    You seem to be young, frustrated and revengeful. What is your point actually? Do you think you can prove the institutions corrupt by writing an aimless letter here? Or is it some kind of defamation campaign funded by vested interests? If you are a man of your words prove your worth and be a MAN. The word PATHETIC which you have used several times in your write-ups truly defines your own attitude. Consult someone experienced and come up with more details on where did I work and how?
    Young man calm down for as nobody is going to listen to you. I have answers to your every question in as many ways as you would want them to be but please stop this. You seem to be either in the start of your career or in the mid, this attitude which you are carrying will take you nowhere. Don’t challenge me on this because I have been counseling hundreds of thousands of youth such as yourself for the past 10 years. Digest it brother and do not say things for which you do not have sufficient proofs to produce otherwise you will make a mockery of yourself.
    Having said the above I am concluding my part of the discussion here. Write at will if you want to but there won’t come a reply as I realized that if you are not ready to listen no matter how concrete the argument may be, it won’t work on you. As they say, “I can take you to the river but I can’t make you drink water”.
    I want to thank the editor for his support. Please send me Ahmad’s cell number I would like to meet him in Islamabad next week.

  8. Corruption, nepotism, favoritism, murder of merit, lies and more lies, dishonesty and cheat, these have become a norm of society in Chitral. More shameful and tragic is the fact that when someone speaks against the ills of society, he is labelled as a mad and everyone wants to fix him. This is like cutting the head to cure the headache. If you have objections to accusation of corruption against someone, come up with evidence and prove him innocent instead of attacking and trying to silence the whistle blowers and adopting an ostrich-like approach to the issue. The whistle blowers should be encouraged so that corruption in any form can be eliminated from society.
    Nadir Khan
    Garden West, Karachi

  9. The way Mr Saifuddin and his friend Shahpar have tried to build pressure and that too on me, out of sheer frustration, abruptly reminded me a Khowar proverb: “Shapiro briyaru ki hai pamirote goi”.
    Enough is enough. Now Mr Saifuddin listen to me carefully. You were groomed under ‘the corrupt and incompetent lot of Chitral-based NGO walas’. How can you speak against a man under whom you have served for so many years. So without any further argument, you also fall in the same category.
    Thesis or a research paper – what a joke rather joke of the year? The track record of your ruthless masters about misusing the AKDN institutions and its resources is not secret from anyone. And even then if you are so upright, why you are unable to digest what people say about them. Why you people always run away and feel scared of a handful of extremist clerics whenever they hold demonstrations against the poor performance of these NGOs to achieve their own vested interest?
    I think this is enough to make you understand but even then if you want me to shed more light on the ‘glorious’ past and present performance of the NGO bosses, I will come with some shocking revelations like the theft of toilet papers from AKES office by one of the top guys and driving official land cruiser by another all the way from Dolomuts to Krup Risht bazaar in Chitral to fetch only five chapattis.
    And for Mr Shahpar, look man do not cross limits as it will take you nowhere. Instead of sorting me out, you better sort yourself out first. Think about the agenda you have been working on someone else behalf, the way you are being obliged by your masters for blatantly defending them, and your track record of seeking personal favours from people at the helm of affairs and what not. Do not be furious or try to build castles in the air and declare yourself as the hero number one. It will have no effect on me and I will strike where there is a wrong, corruption and nepotism.

  10. Saif Sab.
    I totally agree with you and share your opinion that’s why I was furious at his casual and irresponsible attitude towards respected people. However, I have sorted him out and hope he will understand and act with maturity in future.

  11. Surfing through the net today I saw a mention of my name which led me to read Mr. Ahmad’s yet another judgmental views about me. First and foremost I would request the editor to kindly stop the debate here because it has lost its track now. It started from the condolence message and now look at it what it has become one man who for reasons I fail to understand has become the plaintiff and judge himself. I won’t comment on why and why not rather let me clarify some personal, biased unnecessary remarks Mr Ahmad has made about me and those need clarification.
    1. My previous write-ups have been in defence of the institutions not the individuals the writer has wrongly put it. I only defended Dr. Zafar because of the reasons I mentioned in my earlier pieces.
    2. Mr. Ahmad’s preset judgement on the way I take my father is condemnable and I warn him or for that matter anybody else to abstain from commenting on my personal relations as it is not for them to do so. I will not allow nobody to use my great father’s name for religio-political goal scoring. This must be noted, understood and stopped immediately.
    3. It is my humble request to the editor not to allow people to use its platform for their own publicity by using whatever method they think suitable. The writer has started calling by names people who enjoy great respect socially, and professionally not only in Chitral but outside too. Would somebody ask Mr. Ahmad what authority he has to write such bad things about these people and AKDN institutions and how many years of practical research work he has conducted in Chitral and outside on AKDN institutions? And if so, my personal request to him to please come up with at least a few of those research papers before making tall claims and multiplying the decades of development efforts of these institutions to ZERO. Also my humble request to him would be not to be personal this time as its very easy to use heavy words which can’t be erased from anyone’s memory if it comes to that. Thank you.

  12. Several psychiatrists in the USA, UK, China and other developed countries are killed routinely. This does not mean the hospital administrators are corrupt, the psychiatrists are inexperienced or they do not properly examine the patient. It is a challenge that they face given the sensitive relationship between a psychiatrist and her/his client. It is the case even with general physicians. Second thing to mention here is the number of patients successfully treated by the young psychiatrist within the first few months of her career. There is no point going nasty because of your personal grudges!

  13. @Arshad
    I would have appreciated had you understood my comment first before replying. You are bewildered at me attacking Ahmed but approve of Ahmed attaching Dr. Zafar, Shah Karez, and all other AKDN management. He wrote his first comment on August 27 and named several Chitrali people and called them corrupt. But you were only bewildered today at my comment. Bravo brother.
    My friend from the mountains of….!! I will disclose your identity!! I know you!! I know your father!! I will expose you all…everyone is corrupt….everyone is doing a bad job…..!!!! This is all you have to say….

  14. @Shahpar: Oh great, lovely but quite emotional, isn’t it Sharper Khan? My friend from the mountains of….Oh come on buddy don’t disclose his identity as the poor man is already under immense stress and desperately needs a psychiatrist.
    It is a very good idea and you must go for a psychiatrist before it is too late as you seriously need mental treatment because you are suffering from inferiority complex and much more.
    But please do not seek any help from Dr Zafar of AKHSP as it was his incompetence we lost a brilliant daughter and a son. And we do not want to lose another precious friend like you because Dr Zafar management has miserably failed to ensure security to the staff. You better consult Dr Karim of BMC Booni and I am sure he must help you out as he is a thorough professional.
    Oh don’t tell me buddy you are so successful in your academic and professional career. I see, you must be talking about the ‘art of flattery’ in which, no doubt, you are an expert. I would rather say you’ve no comparison.
    You can impress people like yourself but I’m not impressed of you at all and the so-called achievers of your category. So my dear Shahpar, I really take pity on you so please do not force me to expose you and your cronies anymore. I am also a very successful professional but strongly believe in retaliation so please stop defending these failed AKDN bosses.
    You have all the rights to take pride in your so-called achievements for which I give you 0/0 marks. Take so very good care of yourself and people around you. And yes please step in efforts in reopening the AKHS office as we have got the reports that the office is facing closure after the unfortunate incident.
    NOTE: I’m sure the editor will also give me the opportunity and will publish my response to Shapar Khan without further editing. Thanks

  15. @Ahmed.
    I am a very successful person both in my academic and professional career. Given that fact I understand that you know me and my paymasters very well as I understand that you have taken the responsibility of knowing every successful Chitrali person and pulling his leg and maligning him. I completely understand that and brother I sympathize with you. This kind of attitude is normally found in people who are complete failures in their life, who could not achieve anything and thus take up the job to malign achievers. This is commonly known as Inferiority Complex and my dear brother you are suffering from this complex. I urge Dr. Zafar to please assign any psychiatrist to you as well and to analyze your mental status and take necessary actions as I understand you might also end up like the ill-fated doctor and we cannot afford to lose you. You might be a very interesting case study for the students of psychology.
    Admin: Please do not edit my reply as you have given this man liberty to take names and malign people so why edit something written against him. This isn’t fair, but of course, if you know him very well then you have the right and means.

    1. Mr Shahpar Ali, your support to Dr Zafar or any other man or institution is your right and is understandable. But it is unfortunate and I am distressed to see people of Chitral falling so low by attacking each other. Differences aside, one should not be so personal to wish a fellow Chitral the fate of a dead man. Your request to Dr Zafar to arrange a psychologist for Mr Ahmad also bewilders me and it shows your mentality. The way Dr Zafar arranged counseling for Sardar Ayub, the former medical student, means you want more young people meet the same fate. Do you have no value for human life and dignity and do you have no remorse or regret that the unfortunate man ended his life due to sheer poverty and lack of patronship and proper care. Man, get some consultation for yourself and the sooner it is the better it will be.

  16. I would like to express my heartfelt condolence to Mehmood Isa and his family over this tragic incidence. May Allah give courage and patience to the family bear this great loss. I would also like extend my sympathies to the bereaved family at Garum Chashma.
    It seems to me that some of our friends are trying to sensationalize this unfortunate incidence. I feel that they don’t have any sympathies for the suffering families rather than want to politicize this incidence to express their personal grudges against some individuals. it is a high time to reach out to the care and share the bereaved families grief.
    I fully agree with Irshad Brar that we should accept the fact that we are a failed nation. We are the most senseless creature of God on this earth. we always blame others for our miseries rather to try to change our own destiny. I feel shame when I think about the causes that may have led to this unfortunate incidence.
    *How come a medical college closed the door on one of the brilliant students just based on his financial constraints. it means they are sentencing the student for life. it is against the fundamental human rights. As human everyone can get into a similar situation. Why they don’t have any linkages with financial institutions to borrow money for their needy students (if they don’t have any scholarships) so once they get jobs they will pay back.
    *Where were our banks especially the micro-finance banks to provide loans to the late student. I know they go door to door to beg people to get unproductive loans but how come they did not see such a productive/prospective borrower under their nose.
    *Who recommend this patient to get counseling from psychologist as I think his case was beyond counseling stage.
    *It is a shame that there is not a single psychiatrist in the district of Chitral.
    *Lack of awareness about psychological problems in our society.
    For all those who are trying to sensationalize this unfortunate incidence please stop the blame game. The bereaved family is one of the high educated family in district Chitral. They have potential to handle this case once they come out of this grief. If you have any problems with any institutions or you want to improve the institutions you can go through the proper channels or you can write to the concerned boards.
    May Allah give patience to the bereaved families and guide us to righteous path. (Ameen)

  17. I have great regard for Mr Saifuddin because of his Shaheed father, but his comments in defence of the current and former bosses of AKDN institutions forced me to say that treading the right path has always been an uphill task.
    He spoke too high of these AKDN bosses despite knowing their track record of bringing down the institutions through nepotism, favourtism, bulldozing merit, awarding scholarships to kith and kin.
    Mr Saif has even asked me not to mention the name of his great father for reasons best known to him. Alas, how people forget the sacrifices of the martyrs so soon who shed their blood for religious tolerance and merit.
    The way he has tried to confine his great father into a parent only, completely ignoring his heroic stature, is regrettable and pathetic. We all know he was your father but for me and many more like-minded people he is and will always remain a hero.
    If you feel shy of following in his footsteps, we will not allow anybody to betray his blood because we know some red-faces and their dirty politics of exploiting religion as a tool to educate their incompetent children and other shameful activities they resorted to after fully enjoying Imami paisa and then marrying off their daughters out of the district in their lust for status.
    Let me also remind you that people like Miraj Khan of AKRSP, Shahkarez, Zuhran Shah, Liaquat Ali, who have spoiled the image of AKDN institutions in the area by giving out of turn favours to some fundamentalist elements, are always ready to exploit the situation.
    The role of the heads of the institutions and the Ismaili councils was very clear when Maulana Ubaidullah of Zait village was killed due a dispute over a piece of land at his native village. It was a result of a personal enmity and had nothing to do with religion but the incompetence of AKDN organizations’ heads gave it a complete sectarian colour.
    Was this not the incompetence, corruption, management failure or an extreme level of cowardness?
    The martyrs who sacrificed their precious lives to see AKDN institutions blossom in the area but their souls must be in dead depression seeing the poor performance of the institutions, hijacked by a handful of mafias, whose collusive behavior have always created problems for these top institutions.
    Despite so many years of contribution to the social sector, the top notch of these institutions are still unable to win the hearts of people who get together on a single call of a local, extremist cleric, mainly due to incompetence of the people at helm of affairs.
    If you really take pride in your contribution in making a difference, why you are afraid of these handful clerics and stuff their pockets in fear that they may not instigate the people against you.
    In the recent incident, a brilliant Ismaili young man fell prey to the unjust attitude of AKDN bosses, when he killed himself after becoming a psychological patient due to financial problems. Why Ismaili council acted as a silent spectator instead of helping him?
    You ignored him and I would rather say forced him to take such an extreme step because his father was an ordinary farmer and had no one in the council, AKHSP, AKRSP and AKES.
    Had there been somebody from his family in the Ismaili council, he would been a doctor by now without any problems as there are plenty of scholarships being dolled out to incompetent sons and daughters of people occupying Imamat institutions. Is there anybody to put a full stop to this malpractice?
    Shahpar: I would rather tell you to put your money where your mouth is instead of advising me as I know how to deal with people like you and those on whose payroll you have been working.

  18. The AKHS worked to rehabilitate the young man to recover from the mental disturbance but it seems it had no expertise even to understand the patient. Had there been an expert to deal with such a patient, they must have taken some precautionary measures to avoid such a tragic end to the two lives.I do not know if there is any rehabilitation center for people with high degree of depression except the district jail where this unfortunate guy was also kept for some time. Now when he has ended his life, as a society we should accept responsibility for it instead of pointing fingers at each other.

  19. @Ahmed. Brother, Simply I cannot comprehend your arguments, thus any debate or argument with you is a futile exercise. See your first comment, you have written, ‘NGO walas in Chitral particularly the AKHS, who have nothing to do except making recreational trips to tourist resorts along with their families and friends, misusing the official vehicles and other resources and sending back concocted reports on their working to the donor agencies. When I said that AKHSP has done a wonderful job indeed, your reply is,’I never pointed fingers at AKHSP as there is no doubt it is doing a wonderful job.’
    I thus rest my case, and any person with a working brain can see the contrast in your opinions. I sincerely advise you to be positive and learn to respect people, especially those who have done something in their life and acquired a certain position.

  20. I have gone through all the comments on the topic and would not say anything about the subject.In the recent time, Chitral has seen malaise unheard of in this valley in the past. Rising cases of suicides notwithstanding, there are also cases of rampant corruption, theft, proliferation of arms etc. I am not an expert to tell you what is the reason(s) behind all these trends. As a 50 something man born and bred in a traditional family of Chitral, I am worried over the fact that we are fast losing our centuries old values that made us somehow a different species liked and valued the world over. As a nation now we have become an addict. Addict not only to different kinds of drugs but also to ill gotten wealth, cars, mobile phones, liquor, and even high marks without working hard in our studies. If we fail to get good marks, or if we fail to become a doctor or an engineer we end our life. If a young man fails to persuade a girl to marry him he kills himself. In a nutshell we have lost the meaning of life and become materialists.

  21. Some people start blaming everyone around them as soon as anything bad happens. While the habit of blaming others is very common, still there is no one common reason behind it but instead there are many different reasons. So, what are your actual reasons behind the blame game that is not stopping anywhere? The actual reason for blaming is not your love for the young people who died, neither it is your love for the bereaved families. Since you fail to appreciate the great things that are happening, courtesy the AKDN institutions and resort to blame game alone, means you are being biased. I am sorry but I smell something foul here.
    As detailed in my comment above, I won’t repeat how the doctors’ killing by patients is a challenge worldwide that nobody is able to stop. Also I won’t again discuss the actual authority of hospital administrators. Neither would I highlight the fact that even when I am (as a stranger) visiting the DCO Chitral, nobody searches my pockets for a pistol or my backpack for an automatic gun. Also, I would not elaborate on the level of security threats in Chitral (currently there are none highlighted by security agencies). Neither would I highlight the several life changing experiences of poor Chitrali students and the dramatic raise in living standards of the people of Chitral, thanks to just three decades of hard work by the AKDN. And nor do I feel the need to shed light on the role of the community and the security agencies in Chitral in handling the young disturbed mind.
    Look we must appreciate as well, where we are ready to blame! The AKHSP at least took the initiative, inducted a psychologist and trained her. But being new at her job, the young psychologist may not have been able to assess the potential threat imposed by her patient. And since he was relatively a new patient, not known by anyone to be so dangerous, focus may not have been on him to check him for arms. The patient must not have gone in waving the pistol, Instead he would have it concealed and it is not a practice in offices in Chitral to stop people and search them from head to toe, looking for pistol or bullets. This is an eye-opener to all organizations and the security agencies in Chitral that we must expect anything to happen in the future and prevailing practices may not be enough. They must all make it a practice to act proactively!

  22. I again humbly request the writers to kindly be focussed on the topic as they have taken it too far. I feel sorry after reading what the learned young writers in their opinion have tried to achieve intentionally or unknowingly – because they have started an altogether different debate. Mr. Ahmad, Munir and Mr. Qazi have not only become judgmental rather have given their verdicts also. I will stick to what I feel is now necessary to answer as the learned writers have deliberately tried to defame and demoralize the AKDN institutions one after the other. My views are based upon personal, professional and voluntary associations with several AKDN institutions and some other NGOs in Chitral for over a decade and I now feel it necessary to shed away the misconceptions the writers have in their minds and/or the hatred they are trying to create amongst the readers and the masses at large.
    – The performance of the AKDN institutions is not a hidden fact from anybody. Perhaps my friends in Islamabad are too young and lucky that they were not born 35-40 years back otherwise they would have never thought of using those words against the AKDN. My request to them is to find the reports on morbidity and mortality rates in Chitral before 1980s as they seem to be too good at research and then compare it with today. They will find the difference AKHSP has made in the Mother and Child Health Sector. Before blaming this very institution they should revisit the 30 years back Chitral and give us the number of BHUs and Health Centres let alone big hospitals and compare it with today. They will find the difference AKHSP has played in changing the lives of people in this area – to mention a few.
    – Organizations are not run by one person rather by a group of people who are responsible for different sectors. The writers have singled out one person and have tried a character assassination of the person. I would have defended anybody not only Dr. Zafar for that matter as such kind of an incident had never happened in Chitral before. The young man was once a medical student and used to visit the facility time and again. People knew him that he was visiting the centre for a pschotherapy or counseling. They didn’t check him before and thus not even on that day as he posed no harm to anybody before that day. Now here we must try to understand the mental condition of the deceased person. How on earth would Dr. Zafar know that on that day the young boy would be carrying a pistol? Yes the guards should have checked him, searched him but you tell me in which institution or organisation in Chitral a Chitrali guard would search another Chitrali who happens to visit that place quite often? It is my request to you to kindly look into the facts and figures as well as these things are intertwined and you cannot split them and throw your anger on the institution.
    – I just fail to understand why even the educated lot also takes AKDN as a parallel government? It is not the duty of the AKDN institutions to provide for each and every facility to the local inhabitants where they are operating as it is the government who has this responsibility. Instead of appreciating the fact that the NGOs are facilitating the government, we always blame them for derailing from their prime objective. Has anyone of my respected friends ever talked about the govt. health, education, or revenue department? NO. Why? because we do not think that these govt. agencies have obligations or duties towards serving the masses and we are afraid of them that raising voice against them would be hard to digest. On the other hand, we are free to say whatever it comes to our mind about the local NGOs especially the AKDN in order to satisfy God knows what motives? The way all of the three writers have tried to tarnish the image of AKDN institutions here seems to have some personal grudge or hatred towards these development organisations otherwise without proofs they would not conduct such an act out in public.
    – AKES schools were opened in Chitral for the first time in 1981 and since then they have grown into more than 40. The objective wasn’t quality education rather access to education. How can one undermine the fact that now in every nuke and corner of upper Chitral and Garam Chashma you will find an AKS. They have given education to a whole generation of young girls no matter how good or bad the quality may be. Just close your eyes and ponder over it for a moment- How do you see Chitral without a single AKS? You will get your answer.
    – Mr. Munir has talked about scholarships. Yes there are AKES and AKDN scholarships available and are given to hundreds of students every year. Almost a decade back I happened to be managing the AKES scholarships and if you need the local office can share with you the details of those students who have received that. Unfortunately, the scholarships all over Pakistan and as per my own experience of working with a few UK universities, are not given in the middle of studies excluding percentage discount in fee. If this young man who took his life would have availed of the facility at the beginning, they would have given him scholarship for the rest of his student life at KMC. Why he didn’t get it initially is a totally different question as we do not know the reason. Who knows he may not have applied or may have applied but couldn’t get it? Poverty is one criterion amongst others. Hence your questioning the AKDN stands void, why don’t you ask the same question from the local DCO or the provincial minister for that matter?
    Last but not the least, Ahmad’s love for my father is appreciated though I think a mention of him wasn’t necessary here. I would appreciate if personal comments are avoided.
    May our sister Farhana’s soul rest in eternal peace in the highest abode of the heavens and may Almighty forgive the crime the young disturbed man has committed and give him a place in heavens too. (Ameen).
    Saifuddin Saif

  23. Very elaborate and detailed story by Zulfiqar Ahmad in ChitralToday. Commendable. But I regret the nominal report taken by the local media compared to the tragic event. After all, we, reporters got the detailed version by Zulfiqar’s artistic story. It is quite unique incident that a patient has killed his own counselor. The so-called human rights activists and NGOs, I heard, had reportedly oiled the palms of local media to conceal the story. Thank God, ChitralToday revealed it. It is indeed a test case for all of us keeping in view the step taken by once a talented and topper student.

  24. @SHAPAR ALI: I would like to welcome Shahpar Ali as he has finally come back to take part in the ongoing debate. He had disappeared after finding no words to respond to comments on a somewhat similar topic in ChitralToday a few months back.
    Anyhow, as expected he is once again out to appease some of his like-minded mentors like Dr Zafar to create an atmosphere for paving the way to resolve some of his personal matters.
    The way he has shed crocodile tears without understanding the crux of the matter and showering too much praise on AKHSP and AKES is beyond my comprehension.I never pointed fingers at AKHSP as there is no doubt it is doing a wonderful job. But the recent incident of killing an innocent woman due to sheer security lapse and the negligence of its general manager has created a wave of shock among the people of the area, especially women.
    I would suggest Mr Shahpar to try to digest the text of my piece on the gory incident. At the same time, I would also like to make it crystal clear to him that any attempt to cash in on the situation for his own vested interests, ignoring the gruesome murder of the woman due to incompetence of the management, can only be done by a materialistic, inhumane and highly greedy individual.
    And yes as far as the performance of Aga Khan Education Service (AKES) Chitral, I am not impressed what it has been doing in the area to promote education. The AKES has got all the resources but once again the incompetent management and people like Shakarez, Zuhran Shah, Mir Zaman Shah, etc, have corrupted it to the extent that it is touching the edge of failure.
    Just look at Sayurj Public Chitral [an ordinary public school] run by a single individual GD Langland, on donations without any permanent resource base, which has produced high quality boys and girls, while AKES still relies on middle pass, matriculate, half literate or Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) graduates.
    This is the difference the AKES has made, my dear Shahpar. The failure of AKES in the area is not because of financial crunch but incompetent management and teaching staff. I have no hesitation to commend the performance of Aga Khan Higher Secondary Schools because they have well qualified teaching staff besides the credit for establishing a foolproof management goes to the great Dr Mir Baiz Khan.
    It was Dr Khan, who established a similar institution in Gilgit, which has been extended to Chitral. The success of the AKES higher secondary schools in Chitral in no way could be attributed to the incumbent management of AKES Chitral.

  25. The news was indeed heartening and our prayers are with the bereaved family.
    It was an accident and it can happen anywhere with anyone.God save us all from such tragic accidents. However, I was totally shocked to read the above comments of Mr. Ahmad. AKHSP is one great institution and has done wonders in remote places like Chitral. One visit to Maternity home in Booni or any Basic Health Unit of AKHSP in any village can make you realize that. Further, the success story of AKESP and AKRSP are not hidden from anyone. The large network of brilliant schools and now higher secondary school in Kuragh, the hydel power stations across the district and scores of poverty alleviation programs of AKF speak for themselves.
    Linking the accident to the organization where it happened and then starting bashing respected people of Chitral is neither our custom nor a product of sane mind. Only a negative and frustrated mind could think and act on that lines. We know that Chitral is not a high security area and body checking while entering any building including all banks, shops, offices is neither a need nor a norm. Thus nobody is to be blamed for the accident.

  26. It is quite unfortunate that we have lost two bright minds. And it is indeed a great loss that cannot be overturned. How this loss may have been avoided is a big question and to answer that we may have to go back and live the life of the young man who ended up his life, taking the life of a young lady and leaving us all, in a situation like this. There may be no simple answer, neither any simple reason and neither one single reason behind all this. And please, do not forget, he was not the only Chitrali student to go mentally sick; there are several others and there were at least 15 whom I have personally known during the last ten years. Five of them committed suicide. That is why it may not be wise to reach any conclusion, too soon or even later as well, maybe. Anyway, I have my own analysis of all this, keeping in view the event itself, the reactions, the suggestions and the blame game.
    Coincidentally, I had the opportunity to go through some studies from China that referred to attack on doctors by their patients. The studies suggest this is a unique challenge the Chinese authorities are facing and given the several sensitive aspects of the doctor-patient relationship, they are not able to introduce standards to completely control these threats. Moreover, go to the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, the New York Times, or any other paper, violence against doctors is alarmingly on the rise all over the world and they haven’t yet succeeded in devising a practical formula to tackle this.
    When we look into the different aspects of patient-doctor relationship, it is quite understandable why controlling this specific threat might be a real challenge. Medical establishments such as hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers and so on are looked upon as edifices of hope by the diseased and the ill and a failure to meet those expectations may infuriate the patient and result in violent attacks. Then there are the mental patients and those who have seasonal disorders; they may potentially go violent depending on the severity of their disease or disorder. They categorize the potentially violent patients into four groups: dependent clinger, entitled demander, the manipulative, help-rejecting complainer and the self-destructive denier. It may not be easy for doctors to readily identify those, though.
    It is significant to note that the matter under discussion here is a challenge to the developed world. And, therefore, it is a huge task for hospital management authorities in a remote area like Chitral to avoid these threats. Also, because it is quite evident that the day-to-day operating procedures of a hospital change drastically from city to city and the procedures in Chitral might not be the same as procedures in Dir or Karachi. That is because the requirements, the kinds of threat and the ground realities are not the same in Karachi, Dir or Chitral. Therefore, administrator can certainly expect to deal with management situations similar to those in other areas but may also expect situations that are complete contrast. For example, caring for personnel, creating schedules, structuring the work environment, regulating care and managing finances or facilities are included in every administrator’s duties but the processes involved within those categories may not be the same in every country or city. Like, for instance, caring for the staff of a girls’ school may be perceived differently in Chitral as compared to Timargarah where the severity of threat is overwhelming.
    Likewise, the procedures and processes in organizations are run based on experiences of the people of an area. If I have to visit the commandant of our paramilitary forces in Chitral or the DCO Chitral, they may not bother searching my pockets for a weapon that I may carry. The last month, I personally visited several important people and institutions in Chitral, with my bag pack on and nobody bothered asking a question. That is a norm in Chitral but if there are external threats the security authorities convey it to all relevant authorities and they tighten their security (like the last year when security in schools and other organizations was enhanced for a few months due to potential terrorist attacks). To think that management authorities of all organizations, institutions and the security agencies in Chitral keep sleeping may not be a just remark.
    May Allah Almighty rest the soul of the young psychiatrist and the student in peace and may give their families patience, courage and peace of mind – Ameen.

  27. No doubt it is a very shameful incident for the people of the area in general and the AKHS in particular. A young man who discontinued his education only two years before completing his MBBS due to financial constraints, without an iota of doubt, must be having some serious mental problem. He should not have been taken so lightly by the AKHS administration. The finance is not an issue at all to quit one’s medical education midway. I know there are people in Chiral and within AKHS who have helped such students facing economic problems. Dr Karim of BMC Booni is one of the great men who supported a boy who is now a doctor and part of his team. So to cut the story short, we must blame the AKHS Chitral for destroying the lives of both the ex-medical student and his victim, the poor woman. It would be injustice to the soul of the innocent woman if those responsible for the tragic incident are not brought to justice for this negligence.

  28. The way Mr Saifuddin has tried to defend Dr Zafar is quite interesting but lags far behind the facts which led to the murder of an innocent woman.
    Being head of the AKHS, the doctor is directly responsible for the security lapse. It was his responsibility to ensure security to the staff as well as the patients instead of relying on his hand-picked unprofessional security guards.
    If he was so confident, why he returned the police security relying on his unprofessional security guards who could be seen puffing cigarettes all the time by sitting under the shadow of a tree outside the AKHS office.
    It is not only Dr Zafar, there are other people in Chitral who had occupied Imamat institutions in the past or are still running them just like their forefathers’ property.
    Why there was no one in these institutions to come out and help the poor but highly intelligent young man who remained running from pillar to post to clear his medical college fees and had to discontinue his education? Why the scholarships are always doled out to third division holder daughters and sons of those having stronghold on the Ismaili Councils and other institutions.
    The favouritism and nepotism within the AKDN institutions due to monopoly of a handful opportunist and fake Ismailis is the main reason behind the recent incident in which the man had to discontinue his education and finally ended up his precious life in an utter frustration after killing an innocent woman.
    My advice to my friend from Morder is that he must not defend these people otherwise it will be tantamount to betraying the blood of martyrs, including his great father who has always been an inspiration for all of us.
    Time has come we must stand up against these handful of opportunists who have hijacked the AKDN institutions.
    I will appreciate further debate on this critical issue as it is the youth who must play their due role in exposing all those who have spoiled the image of AKDN institutions for their own vested interests.

  29. Dear Editor,
    It is my humble request to you to kindly put a stop at this blame game as the above two respected writers have tried to take a personal vendetta against Dr Zafar. Instead of showing their sympathies, both the writers have tried to politicize the issue. Dr. Zafar is not a security guard that he would personally go and check each and every single visitor. One of the learned writers has carried out a personal attack on the character of the authorities which is not appreciated. The AKHSP has issued a statement on the matter and I don’t think anybody in Chitral would be happy at this tragic incident including the people they are accusing of. It is my request to the gentlemen not to instigate the bereaved families at these testing times as it would act as a salt on the wound for them.
    Last but not the least, could you kindly remove the picture of the man who committed suicide after killing the woman from your main news as that doesn’t look nice and is also against the values of modern journalism as you know well.
    Thank you,
    Saifuddin Saif

  30. The killer was an MBBS student at Khyber medical University and a very competent student. But due to financial problem he left his studies and became mentally disturbed. He grabbed top position in his FSc exam from the Laglands school. Where were the Aga Khan scholarship-giving institutions who could have mitigated his financial woes. There is a lot of money for other extravagances including giving lavish meals for the participants of worthless seminars and workshops but not a penny for such a needy student. Was Mr. Sardar Ayub not eligible for acquiring a scholarship? There is a lot of money for Zuhran Shah to make corruption but not a single penny for Mr Ayub to study higher education. Pity the nation.

  31. The silence of political parties especially MNA Prince Iftikharuddin, former member National Assembly from Chitral Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali, etc, about the gory incident and their failure to express sympathy with the bereaved family of the poor woman who fell victim to assassin’s bullet is a point to ponder. The silence on the part of these political lot is equally condemnable. Where are the expatriate Chitralis who have a track record of sending condolence messages, expressing shedding crocodile tears over the sad demise of a Gujjar on the hilltop of Birmoghlast, death of a donkey at Qaqlasht, or a horse down in Arandu or a Yak in Broghil due to heavy snowfall, with their detailed address, saying so and so from Canada, Norway, Japan, Germany, Tajikistan etc. Why these publicity mongers are tight lipped and hiding their faces behind the curtains and hesitate to condemn the killing of an innocent woman due to sheer security lapse?

  32. The tragic assassination of an innocent young woman at the hands of a frustrated and mentally disturbed man in a broad-daylight has badly exposed all the NGO walas in Chitral particularly the AKHS, who have nothing to do except making recreational trips to tourist resorts along with their families and friends, misusing the official vehicles and other resources and sending back concocted reports on their working to the donor agencies.
    The chief of AKHS Chitral, Dr Zafar Ahmed, could be seen making tall claims about taking the health sector to the new heights in the backward valley. Instead of doing anything good for the public, he and other officials of the department remain interested more in misusing the luxurious official vehicles and sometimes even the AKDN helicopter giving an impression as they were the chief minister or governor of the province.
    After the tragic murder incident due to the sheer security lapse at the AKHS Chitral, there is no room left for Dr Zafar to stay put on the post. He must tender resignation in an honorable manner by accepting his failure that security lapse on part of the AKHS headed by him resulted in killing of an innocent woman.
    The killing of the poor woman in the presence of the whole staff and scores of security guards is tantamount to dishonoring the woman in particular and humanity in general. I will repeat that AKHS Chitral headed by Dr Zafar has given a bad name to all the Imamat institutions in the area.
    The doctor [Zafar] whose job is to stay in the ward of a hospital to treat patients must not be made the in-charge of an institution like the AKHS any longer as he is not qualified to head such a big organization.
    The doctor, who has come out to be a very poor administrator, which has been proved with the recent incident, must be forced by the people of the area, civil society and human rights organizations to quit the AKHS without wasting any moment.
    Enjoying good connections with his ‘Khowja masters’ sitting in Karachi, he should not be allowed to make fun of a reputable organization like the AKHS at any cost as the saying goes that “A stitch in time saves nine.” Besides, the need of the hour is that he should be dragged to the court of law by the human rights groups and locals of the area for failing to ensure security to the staff.
    The people of both the Sunni and Ismaili communities should join hands to rein in and give an exemplary punishment to incompetent, irresponsible and careless management of the AKHS to avoid such untoward incidents in future. Despite all the bitter facts, if Dr Zafar is still allowed to stay, I will be forced to say: “The killing of the innocent woman is a big slap on the face of the AKHS management right from Karachi to Chitral”.

  33. So sad and a horrible incident.Instead of the poor family of the man, I directly hold the Aga Khan Health Service responsible for the incident. They should be punished for their criminal negligence for allowing the patient to carry the pistol and enter the office without being checked. If the police are to be believed, an investigation should be conducted as to why the AKHS returned the police guards saying they had managed their own private security. Where were the private security and how this gruesome incident occurred in broad daylight. Had the man, who is now being branded as mentally disturbed, gone on a killing spree inside the offices who would have been responsible. If we accept that the deceased man was mentally sick, were the AKHS management also mentally not fit to keep an eye on him?

  34. It is so saddening to hear about such a tragic incident. The young little soul would have never thought of suffering through such a tragic end. The family of the mentally ill man should have taken appropriate measure to keep an eye on him which could have averted this incident. My condolences are to the bereaved family as I have known them personally. The institution should also have taken appropriate security measures to prevent such heinous crimes as today’s tragic incident speaks volumes about their security lapse. The blame is onto the killer’s family as from now on they will be regretting this forever. The matter of the fact is that the parents lost their beloved daughter who had just stepped in the practical life. Nobody can understand the intensity of the pain they will go through now on. Issa Bhai we share your grief with you.

  35. It is indeed a tragic incident the first of its kind in an area that never experienced such a case before. This incident left an indelible image in the mind of the peace-loving people of our district. I am surprised how can, a person having mental problem, not be noticed by the family and relatives. This incident could have been averted, if his family had not left him unnoticed.

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