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Power protesters block road in Drosh

DROSH, Aug 23: People of Drosh on Friday took to the streets against the acute shortage of electricity in the town and blocked the Chitral-Peshawar road for several hours. roadA large number of people took part in the protest during which routine life came to a standstill. Representatives of the residents while speaking on the occasion said that the area had been facing acute shortage of electricity but the government had failed to take tangible steps to resolve the crisis. The speakers came hard on SHYDO, Hydro-Teck and WAPDA and demanded that a committee under Peshawar High Court Chief Justice Dost Mohammad Khan should be formed to probe irregularities and corruption in the departments. They also demanded that the entire WAPDA staff in the town should be transferred as it was because of their carelessness and corruption that the town was facing the power crisis. Whenever a transformer gets out of order, the WAPDA staff members receive contributions from the consumers to repair it, they alleged. Besides, instead of providing the town electricity from the Shishi powerhouse, low voltage electricity from the national grid was supplied to them which damaged their domestic electronic equipment. In Chitral, all the powerhouses are looked after and managed by SHYDO and the Shishi powerhouse should also be handed over to it from the Hydro-Teck which has failed to manage it properly. The protesters warned that if their demands were not fulfilled they would launch a fully-fledged protest move in the area.]]>

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