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'Listen to your talent' youth conference concludes

BOONI, Aug 22: The fourth youth convention held under the aegis of the Ispru Youth Forum Chitral concluded in Booni, says a press release. The convention was held under the theme “Listen to your talent”. The aim of the youth convention was to sensitize young minds on issues pertaining to their career growth, global climate change, health, Khow Culture and the role of youth in sustainable development. Around 70 youth from various academic institutions of Chitral participated in the youth convention. ispru The youth convention was attended by various prominent personalities including the Assistant Commissioner Mastuj Minhasuddin, the Mastuj additional assistant commissioner Mohammad Saleh, Manager Bank Al-Islami Booni Branch, Ms. Qurban (the National Micro-entrepreneur Award Winner), Mr. Ehsan Ul Haq from the UNICEF, Mr. Rehmat Ali Jaffar of the CHEPS, representatives from the SRSP and the principals and teachers of participating schools. The convention was inaugurated by lightening candle and spreading the light throughout the convention hall to demonstrate the vision of the IYFC which is to spread the light of awareness throughout Chitral. Mr. Rukhsana Jabeen, ex-events coordinator of the IYFC, welcomed the audience and shared the objectives of the three days long event. The first day of the event focused on careers and environmental issues. In his session “The road to a successful career”, Ahmed Hasan, the president Ispru Youth Forum Chitral  gave a foresight into career development and explained steps to a successful career. Group work and interactions with university students from various fields of education gave the students further insight into choosing relevant careers. In a special discussion on ‘Music as a career’, Saif Uddin, a recent graduate of the National College of Arts (NCA) spoke on choosing music as a subject, as a language and as a career. He shared some of his findings regarding folk songs of Chitral. Saif Ul Haq, in his presentation highlighted the importance and the need for environment-friendly practices in Chitral. He said, “Although Chitral may not have contributed as much to global warming but it is unfortunately bearing the worst effects of the climate change in form of land erosions and GLOFs. Nevertheless, we need to rise up to the situation and contribute when it matters the most now”. He stressed on inducing behavioral changes required to conserve the environment. Each segment of the event included interactive presentations by IYFC members, group work and presentations by participants, as well as discussions, short documentaries and expert talks. Besides, activities including youth assembly, simulation exercises and speeches by the participating schools youth too were included. Participants were given opportunity to present their creative works and writings. The IYFC gave out the prestigious “WILL” award and the 2nd WILL Award was presented to Ms. Hina Hazrat and Mr. Saif Uddin as Youth Icon of Chitral for the year 2012-2013. Hina Hazrat is a young lady from Chitral who is the Founder of “The Youth Republic” and the ambassador for various international projects, organizations and companies. And Saif Uddin has done an inspiring research on the folk music of Chitral and is working on a project that cherishes the idea of combining the Chitrali Sitar and the Indian Sitar thus extending the reach of Khowar music to newer arenas. Of special significance was the 3rd day of the event when all the participants wore Chitrali attire and one of them presented a complete set of Chitrali traditional dress while another one delivered speech on the distinctiveness and richness of Khowar culture. Young students played Chitrali musical instruments and sang a famous Khowar song and danced to its tunes. At the end of the day, the IYFC gave assignments to the participants. The prize for the best assignment from the last year was awarded to Abdul Wahid from the Yarkhun valley. Also, the judges selected and awarded the best participant and the best group of the 4th IYFC Youth Convention. Moreover, boys and girls participants in traditional dress up of Chitral were also rewarded. And finally this convention concluded with the distribution of certificates and shields to the participants and guests. The IYFC, based on the suggestions of the resolutions passed during the IYFC Youth Assembly suggested the following on behalf of the youth of Chitral to the administration of Chitral, government of Pakistan, the government of KP, the NGOs and the civil society: · Awareness regarding choosing a career and facilities to assist the process are provided. · Same textbooks in English language for all schools are introduced. · Cheating during exams is controlled. · Teachers are properly trained to encourage the students to be creative. Drug abuse is a curse that is gradually prevailing among the youth of Chitral, it is tackled through the police and the police are monitored to ensure this. · Child abuse is recognized as an issue and children are taught to identify it if this occurs to them.]]>

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  1. Hina Khan says

    Dear team,
    I would like to request if my reference can be removed as we are no longer working on this project.

  2. Ahmed Hasan says

    Thank you Amjad for the nice gesture and for taking out time to support the IYFC’s cause of inspiring the youth of Chitral.

  3. Amjad Iqbal, Dubai says

    The IYF is doing wonders as a youth forum to bring the youth at one platform and creating awareness among them.I have attended a number of events organized by this IYF and appreciate their initiatives for the youth of the backward area of Chitral. I hope it will continue its activities.Best wishes for the IYF and the youth of Chitral.

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