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Married girl commits suicide, boy drowns

CHITRAL, Aug 17: A married girl committed suicide in Booni by jumping into the river due to estranged relations with her in-laws. An official of Booni police station identified the girl as Tahira Bibi, wife of Mohammad Azam Khan. She was mother of a child of one year. The police are conducting an inquiry into the incident to find the real cause of death. Meanwhile, a school boy of 4th class drowned in the river while playing on its bank at Denin village. His body is yet to be retrieved from the water. The boy has been identified as Naveed Ahmed, son of Khosh Wali Khan, of Denin. A 13-year-old Kalash girl was killed while swinging in the courtyard of her home at Bumburate. Local police said Jamrana Bibi, daughter of Jagoosh Pahlawan, was reportedly swinging in the lawn of her home all alone when the rope got enmeshed accidentally. As a result, she was trapped in the loop.Her mother found her daughter strangulated on her return to home after working in the fields. The police are investigating the matter–Zahiruddin]]>

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