Ban imposed: Do not turn on your cable TV!

DROSH, July 25: The local administration has banned running cable TV network or even laying cables for this purpose in the town of Drosh.

The decision has been taken on the pressure of the local clerics who had recently given the deadline of one week to the government to ban cable TV in the town.  

The clerics were of the view that the cable TV network was spreading vulgarity and obscenity in the area and the decision to shut the network was in accordance with the wishes of the Muslim population of the area. To ensure that no one violated the ban, the local administration has also imposed Section 144 in the town which will remain in force for one month.

Under this section, gathering of five or more people is not allowed. Usually, this section is imposed to ensure law and order in major cities. Some critics say there is a vested interest group behind the clerics’ demand for putting a ban on the TV network. This group, they say, is operating a lucrative business of TV Dish which is threatened by the popularity of the fast-spreading cable network, especially in major towns like Chitral and Drosh.

The critics say if the cable TV network was spreading vulgarity and obscenity, why the mulla was silent about the business of dish in Chitral and other towns? They also criticized the local administration and the police for bowing to the pressure of the religious leaders.

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