Chitral Fort among seven detention centres for missing persons

ISLAMABAD, July 11: The Supreme Court was on Wednesday informed that 517 persons are detained in seven detention centers across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, including Chitral Fort. Chitral Qilla among seven detention centres for missing personsThe information was presented to the court by Attorney General Munir A Malik with regard to the military detention centers, commandants appointed therein and detained persons in missing persons case. The details said that these detention centers included sub jail Panthiam, Swat, sub jail phase -1 gate Swat, Sub jail Timorgarha, Chitral Qilla, district jail Lakki Marwat and district jail Kohat. Rizwan Shah is appointed as incharge detention center Malakand, Ayub Bacha in Pathiam, Yusuf Gul in Swat Phase No 1 gate, Sabz Ali in Lakki Marwat and Muhammad Irshad appointed as incharge in detention center Kohat., the details further said. Justice Jawwad S Khawaja has remarked “enough is enough. We are not scared of any one. Whatever one has to do can do but the missing persons will be recovered at every cost. He remarked “ no member of this bench including me will take rest unless the matter of missing persons is resolved. People are worried and they are not being allowed access to their loved ones. We had given a casual order and the entire list was presented. The previous government could do this job if it willed so. What a pathetic matter it is that a sister was not allowed to meet his detained brother since one year and four months. She is passing her days of life amidst tears and sobs. Father of a missing person Zakir Ullah lost his life but he could not meet his son. Punishment is prescribed in law and constitution of a crime committed by any one of major nature. Officers of intelligence agencies who are allegedly involved in the cases of missing persons should seek bail from any court of competence. Enough is enough. We cannot see tears welling up in the eyes of family members of missing persons. We will issue order whatever is needed. We are not scared of any one. One can do whatever he has to do. The missing persons will be recovered at every cost. He gave these remarks while presiding over a 3-member bench of SC during the course of hearing of missing persons case here Tuesday. Attorney General Munir A Malik appeared in the court. He told the court detailed consultation has been made with all the four advocate generals and secretary defence with reference to recovery of missing persons.—Online]]>

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