A man whose heart beats for the poor

ZAIT (UPPER CHITRAL), July 11: All over the province of KP, it has become a rule that whenever the government builds a school or healthcare unit, the land owner gets one or more class-IV job depending on the status of the institution.

It is also understood that if a school or a hospital is built that is meant for the whole community so one person from that community cannot be singled out to deprive him of his land and give him nothing in return. But here is a story of a man who despite being jobless and quite poor has no greed for money or employment and his heart seems beating for the good of the community.

Shams Qadir’s fidelity for his people is noteworthy and his is more sagacious that some wealthy people in our society. The 60-year-old philanthropist from Zait had donated a large piece of land for the construction of a dispensary/hospital in the Zait Lasht next to the colonial-era road.

This hospital consists of three rooms with a small lawn and there are three persons employed. It was more than about 16 years back when Qadir handed over the land to the health department in the great interest of the society. Being jobless, he not even asked about the rent of the land nor the concerned authorities have ever felt it necessary to compensate or even appreciate his generosity.

When Chitraltoday.net sat with Qadir, he observed: “I had given my land for the healthcare centre so that the people of the village and nearby areas could get treatment at their doorsteps. More than any compensation, I hope the patients’ prayers will bring real happiness to my family.”

The readers may be reminded that before this dispensary, his guest house was used in a temporary for the dispensary but that building was washed away by the massive flood of July 21, 1997, in which two people lost their lives.

After losing his rest house, Qadir did not change his mind and donated his land for the construction of the new dispensary. Indeed, there may be many other people like Qadir and we must appreciate their vision and philanthropy for the overall good of humanity.

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  1. What a humble person and he should be a role model for the affluent persons of our society. Indeed a great man’s great generosity. Live long Shams Qadir

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