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Chitral butchers selling contaminated meat

CHITRAL, July 8: Butchers, mostly Afghan refugees, in Chitral are playing with the health of the consumers by ignoring hygiene safety and selling contaminated meat. After slaughtering animals in their make-shift butcher houses, these Afghans transport the meat to the bazaar in open Suzukis and other vehicles and sell them without precautionary measures. Most of the time, the meat is left uncovered and on the floor for hours. It seems there is no authority to have a check on these butchers or take action against them for ignoring health safety measures.]]>

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  1. Munir Hussyn says

    Our local authorities seem living in a jungle where they damn care whatever is being provided for human consumption. Here I would like to add one thing that there is no proper system(System International) of weighing chicken meat and the live chick is sold for 250 to 270 rupees per piece which is totally wrong. Second, the shopkeepers often keep these chicken in their refrigerators for many days, no one asks about their duration and precautionary measures. Indeed it is a big challenge to the concerned authorities.

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