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Merciless river opens its waves to destroy properties

CHARUN, July 2: With the increase in temperature, the Yarkhun river has reached its high mark of last year when it destroyed the properties of people living along the river in Junali-Koch and Awi Lasht and other parts of upper Chitral. “Once the season of spring and summer was going to start, we were looking for the variety of fruits in orchards with eager but now with the start of the summer we are fearing and seeing destruction of our land and other properties from the pitiless waves of the river,” says Karimuddin, a resident of Awi Lasht. The river has again started eating away some remains of last year in Awi Lasht and Junali-Koch. With the change in weather pattern in Chitral and continued rains for a couple of days melting of glaciers in the tributaries of Yarkhun river has however slowed down. In Awi Lasht Shotar, 35 households and their properties are on the verge of being destruction at the hands of the river. These people came to reside here from different areas of Chitral especially from the vicinity after selling their belongings. These families neither have an option to move to safer places nor can buy land for constructing houses in any other area. The Aga Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP) had built a 400 feet defensive wall via Biyar Local Support Program in 2011 in Awi Lasht along the river Yarkhun to help protect the agricultural land and other property of the local people. But it seems not enough to stop the waves from tearing down the land further. The construction of another 300/400 feet protective wall can better help keep the 35 families of Awi Lasht, their life and property safe from river. Same steps also need to be taken on time before the start and after the month of July and August both in Junali-Koch and Awi Lasht particularly and other parts of Chitral along the Yarkhun and Mulkhow rivers.  ]]>

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  1. Aziz Ahmad says

    I want to know that what is the progress of Norwegian fund, which was to be used to protect the people living along the riverbed from erosion in the area from Shandur to Qurum Bara lake, through ‘QASADO’ by ‘THRIVE.’ And the work already had been started from Chapli to Sarghuz a few years ago.

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