Ex-minister attacks govt's anti-people policies

DROSH, July 1: Former provincial minister and PPP MPA from lower Chitral Salim Khan on Monday said the PML-N government soon after coming to power on tall claims has administered the first injection of price hike to the poor people of the country.

Addressing the first public gathering in Drosh after winning the May 11 elections, Salim Khan said that the PML-N government had been voted to power mostly by the people of Punjab with the hope of eliminating corruption, checking price hike and restoring peace in the country. But within less than a month after coming to power, the masses in the country have realized what was in store for them. The rulers are now advising the people to swallow the bitter pill of jacked-up prices to reap its fruits later. Without mentioning the name of the PTI, the former minister said those who had been claiming that after coming to power they would overcome the menace of terrorism had lost their own two MPAs within less than a month after taking over power in KPK. God forbid, if the situation remained the same at the end of the year the whole assembly would be empty, he warned.
Mr Khan said the present government should resolve the issues of drone attacks, terrorism, price hike and power outages and if it failed to do so the PPP after coming to power next time would steer the nation out of the darkness.
The PPP MPA said that the party high command had directed him to get the PPP rid of all the snakes in the sleeves of the party. He also said that he would complete all the projects which as the minister he had launched in the constituency of lower Chitral. Among these projects, he added, the Drosh water scheme, degree college for girls in Drosh were his top priority. PPP tehsil Drosh president Sher Hussain, Javed Akhtar, Abdul Hameed Advocate and information secretary Chitral Akmal Bhutto also spoke on the occasion.