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Role of teachers highlighted

KOSHT, June 6: The Brilliance School of Studies (BSS) Kosht arranged a teachers’ conference on the college premises to highlight the educational problems and the role of teachers in the solution of these problems, says a press release. IMG_1083 copyAbout fifty teachers participated in the event. Mr. Naman Zainul Abidin, the administrator BSS, welcomed the participants. He said, “This day will be remembered as a historical day, because the participants are teachers and teachers are the most credible and respected individuals of our society”. Associate Professor Afzaluddin presided over the session and Mr. Bul Hakam Jan, ex-ADO and an educationist, was the chief guest Mr. Assadur Rehman, a reputed educationist, explained the purpose and objectives of the event. He said, “Such events play a key role in the maintenance of quality education”. He added that teachers are change agents. He paid his tribute to the management of BSS for the arrangement of such important event. Mr. Ihsanullah, principal BSS, explained in detail what is behind the establishment of BSS. He said, “Our vision is to make BSS a world class academic institution.” He added BSS is student centered and quality oriented institution with a strong belief in professionalism focusing upon holistic development of the individuals to make them change agents. Ms. Shahida Banu, Vice Principal BSS, expressed said no doubt the credit goes to BSS, where there are equal opportunities of teaching/learning process for both the genders. Quality of education is directly linked with a peace of mind beside many other factors. We do strive to provide enabling environment to the female students within our religious norms, cultural, traditional values but not compromising on the vision and meritorious policies of BSS, which we understand is the major point of focus for the parental satisfaction. A session of group discussion was also observed. Mr, Durdana Baig, Gul Nayab, Riazur Rehman Akhzar Farid Ahmad, Yasmin Wali and Rubina representing their respective groups came to the stage and shared their suggestions, observations, and recommendations with the audience. Mr, Noorul Saba member BOD BSS responded their points. He satisfied them clearly explaining the steps taken by BSS as what the community expects from this unique initiative. He also informed the audience about the future plans of BSS Kosht. He extended vote of thanks for their participation and valued inputs. Mr, Abul Hakam Jan ex-ADO & Educationist in his address told the audience about the importance of such events in the promotion of quality education. He appreciated the efforts and step taken by the BSS regarding the qualitative promotion of education. In his address he compared the old days with modern age and said ‘’ Old days demanded only access while modern era demands merit’’. He added that for the maintenance of quality not only the teacher’s dedication, command of the subject and clearness of concept is needed but methodology also plays a key role. Associate Professor Mr. Afzal Uddin in his presidential address said, “Our Holy Prophet was the greatest teacher”. Our Holy Prophet brought change in the behavior of a society where there the average age was above forty. Professor Afzal Uddin stressed upon the factors which are important for motivation of the parents as well as the students. The president suggested to do something for to bring reformation in the common mentality. He appreciated the efforts of BSS in the promotion of quality education and assured his full co-operation with the institution and asked the audiences to play their fullest for furthering the mission of BSS.  ]]>

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