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Better late than never: Road reconstruction begins at last

ZAIT (CHITRAL), June 7: The government has now started work on the reconstruction of a portion of the Chitral-Mastuj road near Reshun that was damaged about four years back. DSCN5339 copyFed up with the previous government’s failure to rebuild the road, the residents of the nearby villages had reconstructed it early last year. But still heavy vehicles could not pass through it. Now heavy machinery have been brought to the site and work started to expand the road. A driver of an insulator machine, who belonged to Balochistan, got injured when rocks fell on the machine at the site. He was shifted to a nearby hospital where a doctor said his condition was out of danger. In the meantime, the traffic once again has been diverted to the temporary narrow road along the riverbed. The commuters are facing hardship as there was blockade on Friday when a truck loaded with wheat broke down on the road. Long queues of vehicles were seen on both sides of the road.]]>

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  1. Hassan says

    Yes, this is due to the failed leadership. The contractor who never thought about completing the work so that if any lose occurred the administration will be held responsible.

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