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53pc not satisfied with poll results in Chitral

CHITRAL, June 5: In an opinion poll conducted by ChitralToday ( after the May 11 elections, 53 per cent of our readers said they were not satisfied with the results of the elections in Chitral. opinionIt may be noted that about 80 per cent of our visitors include young people below the age of 35. In the opinion poll, the visitors to our website were asked “Are you satisfied with the election results in Chitral.” During about 10 days, 226 visitors took part in the opinion polls. As many as 119 (53 per cent) of the respondents answered in the negative while 36 per cent (81 respondents) said they were satisfied with the results. As many as 19 of the respondents (8 per cent) said they were satisfied with the results to some extent. There were also seven respondents (3 per cent) who said they did not know.]]>

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