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Unending agony

CHITRAL, June 2: Hundreds of vehicles are seen waiting in front of the Lowari Tunnel on the southern portal in Dir side after small vehicles stuck up in the nearby nullah. lowari copySome people were also seen trying to cross the stream on foot. As the under-construction Lowari tunnel is opening for traffic for a few hours on Fridays, Mondays and Wednesdays only, thousands of passengers, including women, children and ailing persons have to wait for five to 10 hours on either side of the passageway. There is no hotel, washroom or any shed to sit during this period. The National Highway Authority (NHA) despite making tall claims has also failed to construct a small temporary bridge over the nullah to restore traffic and save these people from mental torture. This year, the clearing of snow to open the Lowai top route was also delayed and the authorities concerned failed to take up the issue at the appropriate level.—GH Farooqui]]>

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