Second case in 10 days: Another girl found shot dead

CHITRAL, May 27: A young girl reportedly shot herself dead in Thhing Shen village in the vicinity of Chitral city on Monday afternoon. However, her father tried to show it a natural death. crimeThe SHO of Chitral police station, inspector Zaffar Ahmed, told this correspondent that when he came to know about the mysterious death of Nazrana Bibi, 22, daughter of Wali Khan, he rushed to the spot and found that her body was being buried in haste. The father of the girl said she died of stomach pain and concealed the firing incident. He said he ordered to remove the body to the DHQ hospital for autopsy to ascertain the real cause of her death. The doctors in the hospital told the police that she had been fired upon at the left side of her breast and the bullets have transversally passed from the other side. Mr. Ahmed said that he raided the house at once and recovered the gun and the used cartridge from her room concealed under the carpet. He said that the incident can be termed as suicide or murder on the basis of the detailed report of autopsy which was being awaited and FIR will be registered accordingly. He said that the suspected persons were being monitored who may be involved in the incident so that they may not fled from the area to escape arrest. The deceased was unmarried and a student of BEd in a local college. This was the second incident of its nature during the current month while in a similar incident a girl was found dead in her living room in Oveer village of upper Chitral.–Zahiruddin]]>

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  1. I am shocked to read this news where a man has been caught trying to bury the dead body of his daughter terming it natural death from stomach pain. If the police official is to be believed that the gun and bullet shells were recovered from the house soon after the incident, it must be investigated properly to know what happened to the young girl. It is horrible to see such incidents. We have been reading the news in this website about suicide cases but about 95 per cent of them are always woman. Why women alone commit suicide if these deaths are suicide? It seems to me that in most of the cases these women are killed in different ways and then their deaths are shown as suicide. The police action in this regard is very crucial and in the latest case the Chitral police have taken timely action. Similar actions by the police can check many life.

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