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Do you know the Qalamdar Botini Boht of Rayeen?

Deh ba Deh

CHITRAL, May 26: There is a stone called ‘Qalamdar Botini Boht’ at Rayeen village of Torkhow. Many folk stories are attached with this historical monument of the village.

Mr Karam Illahi will explore the village and also shed lights on this stone in our next article under the Deh ba Deh series. It may be noted that to explore the beauties and historical background of Chitral, we have started the series of articles about the villages of Chitral with the name of Deh ba De (village by village).

Historians, teachers, our correspondents, citizen journalists and others can write about their respective villages so that not only the people of Chitral but also others can get a better understanding of the valley which has over 500 beautiful villages.

The series was started with the article of Prof Dr Inayatullah Faizi, who wrote about his native village of Balim on May22, 2013. This initiative of ChitralToday has been appreciated by our readers and we are receiving good feedback on it.

You can write about not only your own village but also any nearby village if you have the basic information about it. Send your write-up along with photographs of the village to Please also send us your phone number so that we can contact you in case we need more information.

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