Suicide? newly-wedded woman kills herself

CHITRAL, May 18: A newly-wedded young woman reportedly committed suicide in the Shabronz village of Oveer valley in upper Chitral due to unknown reasons. The local police are said to be probing into the incident, however. A police official told this correspondent on Saturday that Khamisa Bibi, 25, allegedly fired upon herself inside her house. She had married Rahmat Wali Khan of the same village only five months back. Her father, while reporting the incident to the police, said he held no one responsible for the suicide of his daughter. He claimed that her daughter was “mentally not sound” and she had been treated for this disease in a hospital at Peshawar. The body of the woman was buried in the village after a postmortem carried out at the District Headquarters Hospital in Chitral on Saturday. The final medical report is yet to be compiled by a team of doctors at the hospital. Dr Noorul Islam, the medical superintendent (MS) of the hospital, told this correspondent that the woman had received bullet injury from a very close range at the right side of her abdomen. The bullet passed horizontally from the left side, he added. Dr Islam said the report was being compiled as the results of some observations were to be included in the final report. The police have started an inquiry into the incident to ascertain the circumstances of the woman’s death. It may be noted that there have been scores of such incidents in Chitral for the last many decades. Last year, in the same valley a young girl was reported to have committed suicide under mysterious circumstances. Her body was buried without carrying out a postmortem. Later, the police conducted an inquiry and after getting permission from the magistrate exhumed the body. The examination of the body showed that she had been killed by smashing her head. Her skull was shattered into pieces, said the report.-­ Zahiruddin In the past, after killing young women mainly for their decisions to marry against their parents’ wish their relatives showed them as a suicide and the police rarely took action. But now there is a change and such cases are being investigated by the police. In many instances, bodies of such victims were exhumed to ascertain the causes of the death. More at these links:          ]]>

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