Kalash spring festival begins

CHITRAL, May 9: The famous spring festival, Chilim Jusht, in the three segregated  Kalash valleys of Bumburate, Birir and Rumbur will commence from Tuesday which will last for a week. kaalshThe Kalash people decorate their houses and wear  new clothes that are specifically prepared for the occasion. The general elections this year had inversely affected the preparations of the festival , said a Kalash young man Tash Khan working in a government office in the district headquarters. He said that the Kalash people found very least amount of time for shopping and making prepartions in their valleys as the election campaigners frequently visited their valleys  and it was due to this reason that very small number of their community members thronged the city. The  Kalash girls spend lavishly on purchase of clothes and ornaments for the occasion and they make an occasion of ostentation by purchasing costlier items and in greater amount. Shahi Bibi , a young Kalash girl engaged in shopping in Chitral bazaar, while talking to Dawn said that even  the rising prices of essential commodities has failed to  affect  the purchasing power of the Kalash community. She said that the women folk save a small fraction of money throughout the year for the occasion while a pair of traditional dress costs them fifteen thousand rupees and some times they take credit from their relatives. The main characteristic of the festival is selection of life partner for  unmarried boys and girls, who make announcement of their choice on  this occasion. =Tourists have started arriving here to watch the colourful festival of the Kalash people having unique culture and way of life. Muhkamuddin, chairman of a development organization in the valley, said that a large number of foreign tourists have started coming to the valley.–Zahiruddin]]>

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