APML candidate's contesting elections illegal


CHITRAL, May 12: Abdul Lateef, the PTI candidate for NA-32, after losing the elections held a press conference in Chitral on Sunday and said the contesting of elections by Shahzada Iftikharuddin was illegal as the APML leadership had boycotted the elections.  P1012311 copyHe demanded of the Election Commission of Pakistan to withhold the consolidated result of NA-32 and conduct inquiry against the candidate through an election tribunal.–Zahiruddin It may be noted that under the election commission of Pakistan rules, the candidate of any party can contest the elections in case his party decides to boycott after allotment of electoral symbols.]]>

  1. Javed Karim, Chitral says

    Mr Lateef, you did a wonderful job and it showed a big change in the political thinking of Chitral. Nobody in the past had showed such an effective performance. Despite lack of trained manpower and resources, PTI did wonders in Chitral and became the second largest vote takers. Had Musharraf factor not been there and had your party chief Imran Khan visited Chitral before the elections, PTI would have won with a land slide. Do not lose heart, take it easy and accept the defeat with an open heart.

  2. Nisar Ahmad says

    اب لکیر پیٹنے کا کوئی فائدہ نہیں۔

  3. M. Wali, Mastuj says

    Let me add something to Mr Lateef’s statement. Not only Iftikhar but all other candidates including Maulana Saheb violated the law by not leaving the ground open for Abdul Lateef to become the MNA of Chitral. And yes, all those who voted for the APML, JI, and the JUI are also liable to be put behind bars for not voting for Mr Lateef. He knows very well this was the once in a blue moon opportunity to ride on the waves of Imran Khan’s tsunami. In my opinion there was indeed a tsunami in Chitral in a shape of about 25,000 votes.

  4. Arshad, Karachi says

    If you do not know the ABC of election law then go and ask someone else who will tell you that under the law any candidate can take part in elections even if his/her party announces to boycott at the last stage. The people of Chitral gave you around 24000 votes only for Imran Khan otherwise if you consider you personally deserved more, next time come as an independent and check your pulse. Instead of thanking the people for the honour to make you the second largest political leader even ahead of Abdul Akbar you not only insulted the mandate of Chitralis but also set a very bad example for others.

  5. Abdul Basit says

    ‘khasyani bili khamba nochay’. After being defeated in the field despite having the sonami of Imran Khan and the hands of invisible forces in full support, this gentlemen has no right to challenge the verdict of the people.

  6. Zakir Hussain says

    Resorting to legal action is the right of any citizen if he contends that the law has been violated resulting harm to him. Iftikhar has won the seat provided his candidature is lawful. The people must be aware of their rights and duties that is a symbol of civilized society. Alhamdulillah Chitralis are one of the most civilized people in Pakistan.

  7. Alyas Rehmat says

    I suggest the PTI should accept the result and start looking for a way foreword and wait for the winner to join the government in the centre when they can contact the election commission. But I am also afraid of the day when the candidate for provincial assembly also announce to join PRIT in KPK.

  8. Junaid says

    Height of immaturity!! People should learn to accept defeat with grace!! And respect the will of the people and accept democracy!!

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