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Iftikhar, Ghulam Mohd and Salim are the winners

CHITRAL, May 12: After PK-90 upper Chitral, APML has also won the National Assembly seat of Chitral. Salim Khan of the PPP  returned from PK-89 lower Chitral with 11285 votes against 10104 of APML’s Khaled Pervez. 

According to the final unofficial results, Shahzada Iftikharuddin bagged 29723 votes followed by PTI’s Abdul Lateef 24121  and Abdul Akbar (JI) 20555 votes. Ghulam Mohammad of the APML won upper Chitral’s PK-90 with 10273 votes against 9857 of PPP’s Sardar Hussain, according to unofficial results. However, postal ballot results are to come on May 14.

NA-32: Shahzada Iftikhar of the APML is leading with 23404 votes against Abdul Lateef (PTI)’s 19645 votes while Abdul Akbar (JI) is at number third with 16590 votes . So far, results from 207 out of 257 polling stations have been received.

PK-89: PPP’s Salim Khan (winner) 11310, Khalid Pervez (APML) 10234, Abdur Rehman (JUI), 9948, Sultan Mohammad (PTI) 7866, Abdul Wali (QWP) 7232, Sher Aziz (JI) 6923, Amanur Rehman (Ind) 5928, Sirtaj Ahmed (Ind) 5385, Zafar Ahmed (ANP) 2818, Mohammad Kausar (PML-N) 1206, Khosh Wali (MDM) 1011 Abdur Rehman (MQM) 436 and M.Yahya (Ind) 287. PK-90. Ghulam Mohd (winner) 10273 votes, Sardar Hussain 9857, Hussain Ahmed 9022 (Results from 103 polling stations out of 108. ChitralToday Polling stations: NA-32:

Govt Middle School Dizg, APML 147, Irshad Mukarar 80, Abdul Akbar 60. Madak Lasht, PTI 140, JI 40, ANP 40. GHS Sonoghur, APML 256, PPP 156, PTI 58. Kessu, JI 194, PTI 98, JUI 70, APML 161. Ayun Muldeh PPP 82, JUI 105, PTI 47, JI 115. Bumburet upepr PTI 144, PPP 43, JUI 84. Jinjiret, PTI 122, APML 208, JI 273, JUI 155.

Govt Girls School Muldeh Chitral, PTI 174, JI 170. Govt Primary School Denin, JI 129, PTI 119, APML 38. Govt Primary School Khorkashan Deh Chitral, ,JI 147, APML 49, PTI 85, JUI 56, PPP 33. Bashqeer, Garam Chasma, PPP 450. Orghoch, PTI 191, APML 170, PPP 70, JUI-F 105. Booni Lasht, PPP 336, APML 107, PTI 100, JI 98. Chumar Khon upper PTI 177, JI 228. GHS Chitral JI 147, APML 49, JUIF 56, PPP 33. polling stations of Shuno, Drasun, Gah (Mul Khow: JUI 455, PTI 285. ChitralToday Junali Koch. PPP 98, APML 49, PML-N 24, JI 24, JUI 3, PTI 56. Charun.

PTI 387, PPP 180, APML 63, ANP 3. GPS Denin JI 129, PTI 119, Over PPP 22, Chumarkhon PTI 177, JI 228. Saidash Laspur: PPP-155, PTI-146, APML-132 and JI-01. Shujuli Torkhow PTI 58, JUI 52, PPP 01. Bumburate: PTI 168 and APML-115. ChitralToday Booni Shotar PPP-74, APML-49, PTI-28. Kanduja, Garam Chashma, PPP-398, APML-175. Shujuli, Torkhow, PTI 58, JUI-F-52 and PPP-01, Sarghuz (Mastuj), PTI-70, APML-45 and PPP 50, PML-N 4, ANP- 17, JUI 10 . Mori Sheli Lasht PPP 230, PTI 171, APML 58. In Denin, PTI is elading by 167 votes. PK-90. Govt Middle School Dizg, APML 197, PPP 126, Sikendar 70; Govt Middle School Parwak, Hussain Ahmed 33, PTI 125, PPP 145, PML-N 5, Syed Arshad 2, Shah Wazir 6, Sikendar 13, Abdul Qadir 1, Aziz Nawaz 2, APML 274, Faridullah 4. ChitralToday Brep 529, PPP 205, Sikendar 56, PTI 70. Laspur balim APML 221, PTI 114, PPP 180, Sikendar 94, ppp 363. Parkusap, Mukhtar (Ind) 210, APML 182, PTI 56, PPP 156. ANP 15, Sekendar 28, PMLN 4, JUI 11, JI 18, MQM 4.

GHS Mastuj, Sikendar 212, PPP 83, APML 70, PTI 42, JUI 5, JI 7. Booni Shotar PPP-76, APML-50. Sarghuz, Sikendarul Mulk 29, PTI 70, APML 58, JUI 4, JI, 4, PML-N 3. Charun PTI 463, PPP 164, APML 35, ANP 11.

ChitralToday PK-89: Barenis QWP 78, JUI-F 64. Ochishti Chitral JI 158, PTI 58. Bashqeer PPP 450.–ChitralToday This year, results are very late due to a procedural change in the announcement by the ECP. In the past, all the presiding officers used to inform the RO about results on phone but this year it is mandatory for each presiding over to present the result personally in a written form to the RO office in Chitral. It means for the NA seat the presiding officer in a far-off Yarkhun valley has to come to Chitral to hand over the result personally. 

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  1. Fida I. Rahmat says

    Congratulation to former minister Salim Khan and Iftikhar Uddin but kindness for the JUI (F) and JI because both belong to a same ideology (Deobnd mkatib-e-fiker) and tablighi Jamat but their own mind conflict defeated them. The people of Chital have been fully supported them as compared to others. I salute to Mr. Iftikharudinn, after his party boycotetd the elections he never compromised and stood on his own feet and won the match. This strategic management must be followed by the Islamic ideologists in future. If their command wants to divide them they should not accept this type of divided mind, because without unification of the Islamic minds it is beyond understanding how they could win any election. In the last, this mind conflict of the Islamic ideologists disgracing Islam and Tabligh activities in Chitral. They must apologise to the people of Chitral on their HATDHRMI if not the people of Chitral never give ears to any of their speeches in future. Please try to become a Muslim and one nation in future. Thanks

  2. Mohammad Khan, Peshawar says

    Good choice of Chitralis for the National Assembly. They have proved that they honour their benefactors and never forget them. Had Mush come to Chitral he would have won all the seats with a tsunami. I am sorry for Maulana Chitrali for ending at third number.

  3. Nadir Khan, Karachi says

    I salute the Chitralis for voting in support of Musharraf. Our new and highly educated and young MNA is a sign that a change has arrived in Chitral.

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