Youth of Chitral also want a change, says PTI's contestant

CHARUN, May 9: As the May 11 elections neared, ChitralToday continued approaching the candidates to convey their priorities and aspirations to the electorates and our readers in the country and abroad. Here Alhaj Mohammad Khan meets Rehmat Ghazi Khan, the PTI candidate for PK-90 upper Chitral. rehmat You had long been affiliated with the PPP but jumped the bandwagon of the PTI only last year, why? Rehmat Ghazi: I was very much inspired by Z.A Bhutto during my college life and after joining government service I could not take part in politics until retirement a few years back. But I had predilection for Bhutto during this period. He gave voice to the poor and put a step forward toward democracy and independent voice and the good thing that I like it most in Bhutto was that he was a clean political leader. Now the PPP has been taken over by incompetent people. It was Bhutto’s charismatic personality that made possible his daughter’s political success. Now the PPP is the party of Asif Zardari, not the Bhuttos. CTN: What in the PTI compelled you to leave the PPP and join this party? RG: It’s true that Imran Khan has not yet been able to come into power but his selfless devotion for national interest always inspired me. His truthfulness and party manifesto very also inspiring, and if given a chance he can bring a real change in the country. CTN: PTI is emerging as a popular national party and youth is supporting it, how do you see its popularity in Chitral? RG: Well, PTI is a new party, but the youth have been supporting it for the last 16 years. Now these youth having concerns about the deteriorating condition of the country, have come forward for bringing a change in Chitral like other parts of the country and the future of PTI in Chitral is also very bright because of the support of the agents of change. It is also true that other parties using different tactics to nip it into bud so that it could not be able to unearth what they have done with the area and people. CTN:  Will your experience in local government service help you serve the people well as a public representative? RG: There is no denying the fact that the experience of working with political leadership and realization of issues will help me develop better coordination between political and non-political executives in provincial government for better serving people of my area than the new people having no experience at all how to work with them. CTN:  Do you have any plan for after becoming a representative of Chitral for provincial assembly of KPK? RG: PTI is determined for doing justice with people and I do have the same commitment. For the last few years, I have had the realization of the problems and challenges of different nature in different parts of Chitral, The people are facing lots of issues here. And again during election campaign I have been able to prioritize some of the major problems in Chitral for prompt redressal after becoming a representative from upper Chitral. CTN:  Any sector, area where you see a great potential in Chitral you would like to work on specifically? RG: Chitral is a resourceful area particularly we have abundance of water resources for generating hydro-electricity up to 2500 MW. It is true that there is scarcity of land in Chitral and I have been thinking on a plan of Qaqlasht plateau for its township and providing to people, building commercial, educational, recreational sites. It is more or less 22,000 acre land according to my own survey which is lying barren and needs to be divided and properly utilized for the development of the area. CTN: How did you see the menace of terrorism with regard to Chitral? RG: Well, first the temperament of the people of Chitral is such that it discourages extremism and on such matters we have seen people very united. Second, almost all the people of Chitral do know each other well and it will help figure out such elements. Besides, they are also concerned about peace of Chitral. Third, the area of Chitral is very hard terrain for terrorist infiltration from mountains. And our party is also determined to leave no stone unturned to maintain the exemplary peace and tranquility in Chitral. CTN: What policy will PTI adopt for properly utilizing development funds which we have seen are misappropriated not only in Chitral but also in the whole country? RG: PTI has a well developed local government policy of making ‘village council’ and all development funds will be given to the village committees in different areas and government will technically monitor the progress and quality of the projects. And PTI will also discourage allocation of funds to MPAs and MNAs and other people using public money for political bribes in the name of water channels, defensive walls etc. CTN:  What would be your message for the people of Chitral? RG: The people of Chitral must think about Pakistan and Chitral again and again and about the injustices being done with Pakistan for the last 66 years. They have given chance to all party representatives and seen their performances. Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaf is determined to eliminate corruption, political bribes and develop true essence of voting for the philosophy rather than for an interest, must give them a chance and look their performance.  ]]>

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