'Opportunists hijacked Musharraf’s APML in Chitral'

RESHUN, May 5: Senior PPP workers at a meeting here said former president Pervez Musharraf’s party (APML) has been hijacked by some opportunist elements in Chitral. pppThe meeting held at the residence of former UC nazim Amirullah in Reshun Gol on Sunday was presided over by retired Headmaster Murad Baig. Senior workers and activists of the PPP from Booni, Charun, Khost, Kuragh, Zait and Greenlast were present on the occasion. PPP activist Rehmat Salam from Booni spoke on the visits of different PPP top leaders to Chitral in the past and the sacrifices of Benazir Bhutto. He also spoke on the services of former President General Pervez Musharraf but regretted that the APML had been hijacked by selfish people in Chitral. He said these people are trying to cash in on the popularity of Musharraf in Chitral but they have no sympathy with the former president. He said APML central spokesman on May 2 announced in Islamabad that Musharraf had decided to boycott the elections 2013. But the next day, the selfish people claiming to be the APML leaders and Musharraf’s sympathizers in Chitral defied his decision and announced to go ahead with their plan to get votes in the name of Musharraf. “It seems the local leaders of the APML are totally selfish and don’t abide by the party rule. How they can be faithful to General Pervez Musharaf when they do not follow his instructions,” he added. Retired Subadar Hassan Baig said people were surprised to see Ghulam Mohammad once again seeking votes after even failing to rebuild half a kilometer of road in front of Showgram in five years. After his failure, the area people themselves constructed the road just in four days only. He also said that Sardar Hussain Shah was the proud son of Chitral and we are also proud of him. Usman Ali of Booni said the PPP government had devolved most of the powers to provinces and as a result huge funds were also given to our area but our elected leaders enjoyed the funds instead of spending it on the welfare of the people. He also informed the participants about the massive corruption made by the former MPA in a project to protect Booni Gol from flooding. Mir Dula of Kuragh referred to distribution of 8,000 Benazir Income Support Program cards among the needy people in the area by the PPP government. Mr Amirullah, the former UC nazim, thanked the PPP supporters and workers for attending the meeting. Retired Headmaster Murad Baig said PPP government provided relief to the poor people. He also asked the local workers to work for the success of the PPP candidates. After the meeting, the participants held a rally and opened an election office of the PPP at Ramadas Chowk.  ]]>

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  1. In Chitral, some parties distributed tickets within one family and if someone outside the party he must be most wealthy to purchase vote for the family. Some parties give their tickets only to certain sections of society and some only to a particular sect. PPP is the only party who has given tickets from ordinary people to Shehzadas, from Qazis to Mowlanas, from Sunni to Ismailis, from beurocrates to advocates, males to females, from Ashariat to Booni, from Shishi to Charun, Mulkho to Koghuzi and Jinjirate to Garam Chashma. Yes it is the one and only pluralistic party representing all sections of Chitrali society. We will expect same from PTI if it wants to become a national party.

  2. Very shameful act by the APML Chitral leadership who had invited the former president General (retired) Pervez Musharraf in an unfavorable condition and led him to the Sub-Jail in Islamabad and are now trying to get the sympathy votes from the public of Chitral in his name.

  3. NO! there is still a proper set-up for the selection of candidates and PPP is far better than APML (Chitral). They can’t be compared because APML Chitral is limited to Shahzada Saeb’s family.
    There is no hope to hijack it because APML has already been hijacked by our beloved Shahzada Saheb and family.

  4. But people are more upset about former president Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s party – PPP – which has been hijacked by some opportunists from Reshun!

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