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NHA asked to open Lowari top road by 5th or face protest

CHITRAL, May 2: Former tehsil nazim Chitral Sartaj Ahmed Khan here on Thursday asked the National Highway Authority (NHA) to open the Lowari top road by May 5 otherwise a protest would be launched against the authority in coordination with civil society. topAddressing a press conference here along with the representatives of different civil society organizations, he castigated the NHA for its indifferent attitude towards the plight of Chitralis who are suffering due to the inordinate delay in the opening of road. He said that the road used to be opened for traffic by the first week of April every year but this year no work on the clearance of snow and snow avalanches had been started yet. He alleged that the NHA officers waited for the melting of snow by natural process in sunlight and released millions of rupees on account of clearance of the road. Mr. Khan said that the contract for the clearance of snow and avalanches was awarded to the contractors every year and the same practice was repeated each time. He said that the Lowari tunnel remained closed for public use for four days of the week restricting the movement of passengers and the transportation of the commodities of daily consumption. He said that the Chitralis working in the down districts of the country were coming back to their area on the occasion of the forthcoming general elections and cast their votes but the road remained closed for them. Mr. Khan also appealed to the election commission to take cognizance of the lethargic attitude of the NHA which debared the voters from coming to the district.–Zahiruddin  ]]>

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