Families of sacked border policemen starving

CHITRAL, May 1: Out of the 102 border police personnel sent on compulsory retirement by the government on April 3 this year, 15 belonged to the Kaalsh valleys. This meant that 15 families in the backward valleys have been deprived of their only sources of income. kal3 copyHaving a unique culture of the world, the Kalash people attract world tourists but at present they are facing a host of issues. During a visit of this correspondent to the Birir valley, an old lady, Dinar Bibi, said, “We have no source of income except employment in the border police or civil forces.” This correspondent also visited the houses of the 15 border police men and saw their families facing starvation-like situations. Their family members said the policemen were sacked by the provincial government but the then deputy commissioner Chitral Rahmatullah Wazir did not bother to inform the police officials in advance. Sher Azam, one of the sacked border police men, showed some documents to this scribe according to which they were allowed by the ministry of states and frontier regions to draw pay scale and other benefits on their transfer to the federal government in the year 1976 but they were never given their genuine right. The border police in Chitral is tasked with watching the long and porous border of Chiral with Afghanistan and the people of Kaalsh valleys consider it as the only source of employment. Subadar Nasrullah said staff serving in the police and other departments had the benefit to appoint their sons on their quota but  these 102 border police personnel were not given any benefit to recruit their sons in the border police. Retired Havaldar Marik Kalash said we are living in far-flung and remote villages of Birir, Rumbor and Bumborate where there were no facilities and no other source of income except keeping cattle and serving in the border police. But the compulsory retirement of the 15 police men had put their families in an awkward situation. They said a few years back a Greek volunteer was kidnapped by Taliban who was supporting Kalash community and after that no European donor came to the valley. It means that our border needs more staff to be deployed there to protect us from Afghan Taliban and invaders.]]>

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  1. Within a few minutes of each other I saw two news both sent to us by officers of KPK, that shows young Chitrali population is quite serious in solving the problems of the region. My point is how come a caretaker government is authorized to dismiss employment of so many border security personal, and we cannot do anything, that is sad. On the other hand, freedom of speech movement is hell bent on improving the situation of marginalized people in the borders of Pakistan just to fill the spaces of newspapers. How is this all possible that in two years time 40 plus people lost lives in the border region of Chitral alone. A young boy was murdered ruthlessly, 700 plus goats were abducted, only 350 were returned from Nooristan. There is a military post but this is not quite right it does not make any sense or does it. My question to the caretaker government is let the elected government decide about the matter. May I ask who are you to dismiss so many border police personnel with a stroke of a pen. Such a pathetic move by the caretaker government.

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